Friday, September 12, 2008

Tomica Circuit Career Car Set on Display Soon

Tomica World : Tomica Circuit Career Car Set

Together with the Limit Civic Type R, the Circuit Career Car Set has arrived at minimum limited set.

The box contained 1 career truck, special edition Honda Civic Type-R, Mitsubishi Evo 7 GTA, Subaru WRX and Toyata 2000GT Rally. Not to forget, 2 Tomica racers are included too.

Each set will be available at the Litt Tak Hobby Shop at retailer price RM99.90.


Remark: The special edition Civic Type-R and Evo 7 GTA are not sold separately at any stores, the only way is to purchase with the set.

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Anonymous said...

Seem like there is a BIG WAVE of Tomica come to Malaysia..:)

ADVedder said...

luckily i got one set for my self ... hehe..

Carlos Harris said...

Curious about the interior of new Honda Civic