Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica #42 Hato Bus

In July 2008, Tomica released No.42 Hato Bus. Hato Bus is symbolic to Tokyo Tourism offers sightseeing bus service, providing convenient one-day trips to all of Tokyo's best tourist spots.

This Hato Bus is actually latest version of Hino Selega SHD, few more images below. ☺YeoCP//

Hato Bus New Selega SHD (PKG-RU1ESAA)

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Featured Collection: My Town Patrol Car Set - 崎玉県警察 & 栃木県警察

Tomica My Town Patrol Car Set, now hardly see available released in 2006.

The set comes with 2 Patrol cars, both 栃木県警察 Honda NSX and 崎玉県警察 Subaru WRX.


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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Featured Collection: Tomica Lucky Draw VII Hyper Rescue Cars & Emergency Vehicles

This Lucky Draw a.k.a. Lotto released in 2004, where Tomica usually release 1 set each year.

Total 16 models for this Rescue Cars & Emergency Vehicles collection, which divided into 3 categories, Fire Engines, Patrol cars and Police vehicles.

The collection own by Tomica collection, Ah Beng. Next post will provide further details and pictures on individual models. So, check back soon. ☺YeoCP//

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Update: New Tomica Released Today

TL0099 Nissan GT-R
Suspension / left and right doors opening and closing

Eneos Tomica Town Gas Station
Features: The door open and close, offices and car-washing machine that moves back and forth.
* included 1 PURAKIZZU (Figure)
* Tomica car not included

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Tomica Limited?

Have you wonder why "Tomica Limited" called Tomica Limited?

Tomica Limited introduced by Tomy in 2001 targeted Tomica collectors. The models are produced with higher details and realistic looking wheels with rubber tyres. These models are packaged in open cardboard boxes surrounded on four sides with a transparent plastic sleeve.

So, why limited? The reason been is because when the new Limited released, the older models immediate became discontinued.

This make make good investment for toy investors on Limited Series compares to regular series. A good example will be Limited Evo X, which now categorised at discontinued model after Limited Civic Type R was out.

So, if you are toy investor, please stock up your TL0097. ☺YeoCP//

*** Enjoy your weekend ***

Remark for Malaysia Tomica Collectors: We still have a lot of earlier released Tomica Limited in the local stores. I still see many vintage models in display, this could be a good opportunity if you are a Tomica investor. Always us Ebay as your reference site to estimate your ROI (Return of Investment).

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update: Missing DM07 Jamboree Cruiser Tigger is here

Disney collectors, finally the little orange tiger bus is here.

The Disney Motors Series is exclusively for Isetan, please get your Tigger at the store at RM24.90, while stocks last. ☺YeoCP//

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Featured Collection: Welly Diecast 1:60

Perhaps, it is not too late to write about Welly Diecast.

Welly Die Casting Private Limited, a Hong Kong based toys based company produces varies type or toy cars including scale 1:24, 1:18 and R/C.

Lately, Jusco brought in this range of 1:60 scaled diecast models selling at RM3.90 each. It slightly bigger than Hot Wheels and quality comparable to Tomica but only one third of Tomica price.

For me, I feel Welly is adorable with its built quality over price, except the wheels need some improvement. If Welly has done that, they should stand a better position to their market competitors.

With the same price and finishing, would you buy Welly if their wheels look similar Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt? Would you tempted?


Remarks: Below are the few models I found good to have, more models are available for selction. Please see yourself.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica #50 YellowHat, Nissan GT-R Racing Car

Team YellowHat YMS TOMICA GT-R finished 1st during SuperGT round 7 added 24 point this race. The team currently at position 12 with 34 point in total.

2 more race to conclude this year championship, perhaps the team could archive good result this year. The Hasemi Motor team currently 22 point behind the leading team.


Based Vehicle: NISSAN GT-R
Chief Engineer: Hiroyuki Hayashi

Car Specifications
Car Model: CBA-R35
Dimensions: (L x W) 4800mm x 2000mm
Weight: 1100kg
Wheelbase: 2720mm
Tracks: (F / R) F:1685mm / R:1675mm
Transmission: Transaxle 6 speed sequential
Clutch: 5.5″ Carbon Triple-plate
Suspenssion: F:R:Double wishbone
Brakes: F:Ventilated disk R:Ventilated disk
Tyres: F:Bridgestone 330/40-R18 R:Bridgestone 330/45-R17
Wheels: F:Enkei 13.0J x 18 R:Enkei 13.0J x 17

Engine Specifications
Engine Model: VK45DE
Type: Water-cooled V8 NA
Displacement: 4494cc Bore & Stroke
Restrictor: (size × number) 29.0mm x 2
Max Power: Over 500ps
Max Torque: Over 52kg-m
Lubricant (brand): MOTUL
Engine Tuner: Tomei Engine
Machine Maintenance: HASEMI MOTOR SPORT

Super GT 2008 YellowHat YMS TOMICA GT-R

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Monday, September 22, 2008

GiveItAway II: No.54 Tomica Honda Civic Type R

Tomica and Honda collectors out there, win a rarely find Tomica Regular No.54 Civic Type R for absolutely free. Hurry-up, don't missed this.

Title: Send in your collection pictures, best pictures win the prize.
Models: Exclusively for Tomica only.
Duration: 22-09-2008 to 21-10-2008

How to Win:
1. Send in your pictures with simple description to articulate your ideas.
2. Send to my email account (cpyeo@hotmail.com).
3. This will be posted in my blog for voting by the public readers.
4. Post with most comments will win the prize.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Postage will be fully bear by me on normal POS Malaysia registered mail.
2. Free postage only for Malaysia Collectors. International Collectors will need to pay for the postage by paypal.
3. If post(s) with same amount of comments, final decision will be made the me on overall creativity and picture composition.
4. Prize will be posted within 5 working day after the competition is closed.
5. No Limit on how many posts on individual.
6. Resize pictures to 640x480 in Jpeg format, not amendment or changes will be made to your pictures.

*** Good Luck ***

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

GiveItAway: The Winner is ZackTan, Are we Mazda RX-7?

Winner, Zack Tan

The winner goes to Zack Tan and 1st runner up is Hokuan despite both received 3 votes. I personally pick Zack on overall picture concept and composition, well done!!

So, Zack please send your Full Name, Mailing Address and Contact Number for me to deliver the gift to you, parcel will send by POS registered mail.

Lastly, please watch for my upcoming GiveItAway contest.


1st Runner Up, Hokuan

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update: New Tomica Released Today

Tomica & PURAKIZZU racecar
The miniature cars are "Honda NSX-R" type of race car.
*Included 1 PURAKIZZU

Tomica & PURAKIZZU unmarked patrol car
Tomica "Nissan Skyline" unmarked patrol car type.
*Included 1 PURAKIZZU

Tomica watering and car-height PURAKIZZU
Tomica "Monitor" type of high-altitude water cannon truck.
*Included 1 PURAKIZZU

Tomica & PURAKIZZU family car
The miniature cars, "Toyota Voxy" type of family car.
*Included 1 PURAKIZZU

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Update: New Tomica Released Today

#14 Komatsu D85MS Antipersonnel Landmines Removal Machine
The Komatsu machine D85MS used for demining activities in Afghanistanfor antipersonnel landmines

#35 Subaru sambar noodle shop
Sambar the noodle shop stalls

Construction Vehicle Set of 4

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Are You Toy Collector or Investor?

Did you ask yourself this question before?

A friend of mine, Liam is influenced by me, now he is also into Hot Wheels and Tomica. He is more into American Muscle and vintage cars. For Tomica, he collects trucks and construction vehicles.

One fine day I asked him whether he is collector or investor, he replied collector without second thought. Immediate I challenge him by asking him how many Hot Wheels he had opened, the answer is none.

If you are a collector, you shouldn't have bother to resale the die cast in the future. You passion should come from the intensity and quality of your collections. In other word, if you wish could sell it at higher price in the future, then you are obviously an investor.

Between us, it is hard to distinguish in clear cut. In most cases, people buy at least 2 or more for open loose and extra for investment at the same time. Carded or uncarded? Let's leave this question to Hot Wheels collectors.

Fortunately for Tomica, the die casts are packed in the paper box. After displayed, you still can resale it at higher price as long as the box remain. If you don't, the die cast will consider loose item.

Luckily our Tomica does not sale in carded form like the picture below, or else the question on carded or uncarded continue...

** Have a good weekend **


[Pictures courtesy of prawnking]

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Featured Car: Civic Type-R, Tomica Limited vs Custom

It is not easy to get one Tomica Limited Civic Type-R for this review. Some background of the Limited series, it was sold-off within 30 minutes at the day it arrived at the Hobby Shop. This is due to large quantity was purchased with pre-arrangement.

Let's come back to this topic, with almost double price (RM23.90), the limited offers more detailed finishing as describe here.

1. Rubber Tyres with White Rims follow the real Type-R design.
2. Black smoked effect head lights.
3. Clear red with orange coloured rear lights.
4. Civic Type-R rear number plate.
5. Type-R emblem at both rear doors.
6. Black coloured front and rear wind screen.
7. Red coloured front and rear seats.
8. Honda Civic i-Vtec emblem at engine bay.
9. Silver coloured exhaust.
10. Metallic brown coloured base.
** Other features similar to regular series **

There are few negative feedbacks on the QC of the Limited Civic compared to its regular. Most of the Civic were delivered with minor scratches or imperfection on the paint works. But whether you like it or not, it is no doubt a hot item in town.

As for me, I'm okay with the custom regular Civic. Just wonder will the limited looks better if I fix it with the custom wheels?


Remark: Both regular and Limited Civic Type-R are not available in Malaysia. According to my colleague in Singapore, both are rarely see too.

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