Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Featured Collection: Tomica Tokyo Auto Salon

Tomica Tokyo Auto Salon, total 6 models in the set debuted in 2005.

I wanted this set for so long, searched through Ebay, non of the sellers with complete set, especially the Odyssey, is hard to get. Toyeast offers whole set at not less than USD50.00 including shipment, that will exchange to RM180.00 or RM30.00 per piece.

Lately, this collection has magically reappeared in market with very limited quantity. My friend who did the field report had bought me this set, I believed few who had read the report have theirs in the pocket quietly.

The models were special with their unique racing tampo, the wheels were different from what we normally see, 4 spokes with silver coloured.

My favorite pick is Proracer Aero Odyssey, the black body combined with red and white tampo simply awesome. Unlike others, the front lights are painted more realistically.

The rest not bad too, but the Celsior some how quite plain compared with others in the set. ☺YeoCP//

Team 5Zigen Proracer Aero Odyssey
Blitz Prius Hibrid Turbo
Fabulous RX-8
Trust Greddy Vitz
Kranze Celsior
Trust DMR Estima

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mighty bento said...
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mighty bento said...

I have some of the Auto-Salon to let go.

You can view more details at



Starscream said...

Yes this is once nice set to collect, the other is the D1 Professional Drift Series.

Eric @ Loon said...

I still lack Trust DMR Estima to complete this set....

Who can help me??

mighty bento said...

Hi Loon

Maybe i able to help you.