Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Field Report: Tomica 31st December 2008

Litt Tak Sg. Wang

#02 Mitsubishi Canter Wrecker
#32 Toyota Crown ** New **
#37 Coca-Cola Event car
#50 Nissan GT-R35 Racing Car
#56 Komatsu Bulldozer ** New **
#78 Toyota Alphard ** New **
#81 Honda NSX-R
#82 Toyota Passo
#87 Lamborghini Murcielago ** With Lanborghini hologram **
Tomica Disney Collection D-42 Toyota Land Cruiser WALL-E ** New **
Disney Motors DM-08 Dream Star Minnie Mouse ** New **

Buy 4 Me Service for outstation collectors
Please email to buy4me(at)toycarsmy(dot)com if you have problem reach to above locations.

All purchases are make on behalf with the available stocks, you will not pay extra but on market retailer price. Postage fee will be charged based on the postage type you selected.

All the arrangements are made between you and the service provider, please CC me if you need my involvement.

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Last Page for 2008

It has been a habit for many of you read my posts on every 9:15 A.M. This has finally come to the end. Today as last page for 2008, let me wrap-up my progress for this year.

The Start
The blog started in 12th May, and I slowly progress and look for my direction. Still remember my interview with NST bloggers' say on mid of November, I were looking for monthly achievement of 10,000 page view, managed to hit that in a month later.

Toycarmy, a name came from no where has now viewed by 25,588 visitors from 118 countries. Of course we have Malaysia visitors interested the contents most, follow by U.S, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and UK.

Market Position
This means the key words positioning in the Google search results, it were my sweats and bloods, and it take time to sit in the #1 position. Results were mostly related Hot Wheels and Tomica from the collectors. Surprise many people looking for Tomica Malaysia price? Any ideas? As for now, still working on this to cover more key words that related to the hobby.

Going Forward
It did flash my mine to stop blogging, when I realize it took up much of my time on doing this. But after discussed with my wife, I decided to give it a try after settle down with my daughter. Thanks for the understanding.

It will be a transition period for me to work around on this, I hope it will be a better toycarsmy and more informative that you looking for. I can't answer by now how long it will take, I still have some pre-wrote posts in the schedule, enjoy it first. Bye for now, see you next year.

** Happy New Year **

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NotAboutToy: 1:1 Collection

While we looking up and down for the Hot Wheels Ferrari 1:64. Please look at the real Collectors on their 1:1 Collections.

To me, I still prefer my smaller scale models as they are simple to keep and maintain, those 1:1 cars, I have no parking for them.

Sorry Ferraris, I'm not going to buy you. (Why sound like sour grape?)

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Featured Car: Hot Wheels Hummer H2 SUT

This Hummer H2 from Hot Wheels #15/40 2008 New Models a.k.a 2008 First Edition.

In the line-up, Hot Wheels has produced total of 3 colour, Gold, the one in the pictures, Blue and Orange.

The Hummer is the brand new casting based on the production SUV of the same name, designed by the famous Hot Wheels designer Phil Riehlman. Phil, who design for Hot Wheels since 1993, few notable design are Dairy Delivery, Volkswagen Drag Bus, Customized Volkswagen Drag Truck and Mini Cooper.

This Hummer is built in Malaysia, the base is plastic base and chrome Interior. The wheels are OR5 high profile setup.

In real, the SUT 6.2L V8 Engine produces 393 horse power and 415 lb-ft torque. The transmission in 6 speed automatic hydra-matic. The wheels in stock 17-inch rims with optional upgrade to 20-inch chrome rims wrap with 305/60R/20 tyres. All these numbers are huge to believe from Asian perspective.

Model: Hummer H2 SUT
Debut Series: 2008 New Models
Produced: 2008
Designer: Phil Riehlman
Number: 2008-015/40
Color/Tampo: Blue, Orange, Gold
Base Color: Black Plastic
Window Color: Clear
Interior Color: Chrome
Wheel Type: OR5
Toy #: L9930
Country: Malaysia

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Featured Car: HighSpeed VW Beetle

This little bug is from HighSpeed 1:72 scale, the other 2 Volkswagens in the background are from Welly 1:60 mentioned in the earlier post.

Despite it is small little car, it is built with superior finishing and with rubber wheels. Not to forget, the head lights are in plastic too.

For many Beetle collectors out there, have you collected this also? ☺YeoCP//

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Update: New Tomica Released Today

TL0102, Toyota VERUFAIA

Left and Right Sliding door open

Box Set, Delicious Stalls Collection

Set of four of various stalls based on "Subaru sambar" specifications.

Oden Subaru sambar shop (open stand)
Subaru sambar yakitori restaurant (open stand)
Subaru sambar curry restaurant (open stand)
Subaru sambar crepe shop (open stand)

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Featured Car: Hot Wheels 70' Mustang Mach I

I purchased this Mustang Mach I from Ebay Thailand with free shipment. It is released in 2008 for Since '68 series. The other colour variant for this release in green colour.

I like:
1. It is a Since'68 collection.
2. Zamac base, heavy.
3. Redline Wheels.
4. Got it cheap.

I Dislike:
1. Loosed, it will be better in carded : (

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Featured Car: Matchbox 68 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

This car was received by surprise, it did not cost me a cent, huh?.. Yes, It came free!!! The Ebay seller gave it to me together in the Redline shipment.

When I try to match this Mustang from Google, I couldn't find any information similar to it. Just need a little help from you, please share with us if you have the background information. Thanks in advanced. ☺YeoCP//

I Like:
1. Nice colour combination.
2. The classic wheels.

I Dislike:
1. Do you complain when people gave you thing?

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Toycarsmy is now Facebook

Hopefully is not too late to get into Facebook, I'm totally new in this.

I'm still clicking around on the buttons, but it is a good tool to bring collectors closer.

If you want to know my daily progress, please add me into your facebook account. ☺YeoCP//

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica S Series 0005 Nissan Fair Lady Z 300ZX

Tomica S Series, got it from one of the LYN forumer. 1st time I see this in real, a collection ran parellal with Tomica Limited started in 2001 end 2002. Despite the model number allow thousands of models, but only 10 models released at the time.

From the box, the Nissan Fair Lady Z 300ZX was labeled with Litt Tak sticker. This means, we do have Series back to 2001, but it is impossible to see it today.

The S Series is bigger size than the Tomica, it generally at 1/43 scale. With this scale, it allows the diecast built with extra features and additional details.

Below the hood, the engine compartment is nicely done. Unlike regular Tomica, you need to press the red "dot" to pop up the cover.

Interior of the 300ZX was coloured, this including the back of the door panel. The diecast already 6 years, you can see the green plastic has turned yellowish a little.

S Series, a different class of quality by itself.

I Like:
- Too rare to see.
- Detailed all rounded

I Dislike:
- Can't find the rest :(

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Featured Car: Hot Wheels Maelstrom

This is 1st colour of Maelstrom in 2008 All Stars, 2nd colour in purple with the green glass. Did you know 1st Maelstrom had debut since 2001 and the First Edition series.

Maelstrom was designed by Fraser Campbell, a design brief to create the ultimate vehicle for the European Hot Wheels market. Hailing from the UK, this was Fraser's first vehicle attempt for the Hot Wheels basic 1/64 scale car line.

His first concept was to have the engines up front and the cockpit over the rear wheels. There was a concern however that it resembled the existing Twin Mill and Twin Mill II castings so a change was needed. Wanting to keeping elements of "big engines, big power, and big attitude"

Fraser continued to swirl the layout of his design around. His forward cockpit and mid-engine design made it into production as 2001 First Edition number 12 called Maelstrom. It also has some slight, tiny resemblance to the Vulture.

Model: Maelstrom
Debut Series: 2001 First Editions
Produced: 2001 - Present
Designer: Fraser Campbell
Number: 28754
Series: 2008 All Stars 2008 18/24
Color/Tampo: Red/Orange, Yellow/Blue Tampos
Base Color: Black
Window Color: Blue
Interior Color: Silver
Wheel Type: PR5
Country: Malaysia

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