Sunday, December 21, 2008

Featured Collection: Tomica Honda MPV

I started my Honda MPV collection by accidentally, how it was started from the 1st Gold 46 Odyssey sold in the carded packaging.

I got it in RM5.00, and the card condition was totally out. The intention of the purchase was for my son, but now it seen I will hold it back for myself.

The collection started later when I spotted the white limited Airwave in Jusco Mid Valley. Then added the blue Airwave and follow by the purple new Odyssey. On my second visit to Litt Tak, I also bought the Honda leisure cars in the boxset.

This story may sound familiar to many of us, and this is how we get started with our collections.

If you didn't start any, you should't start any; before you know any, you already collected many. ☺YeoCP//

#112, Honda Airwave, Blue

#112, Honda Airwave, White Limited

#46, Honda Odyssey, Gold

#46, Honda Odyssey 2006, Purple

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1 comment:

AhUy said...

hello, i know nothing about honda. is this honda odyssey? if yes, do you mind to tell me where did you buy this? i need to find one for my husband.
tq so much!