Monday, June 15, 2009

Increased price to RM6.90

I was in Cold Storage last Friday, the Hot Wheels selling price is RM6.78 or RM6.80 after rounded up, MyNews selling it at RM6.90, and Petronas RM8.70 if not mistaken. (Please correct me if I'm wronged)

Is that the sign of the other price hike for Hot Wheels? Not again!!

Luck this is not true. After clarification, it is due to toys price in Malaysia are not regulated.

Malaysian government does not allow suppliers to control retail pricing for toys. In other word, toys manufacturers does not have rights to stop retailers from doing this, but recommended retail pricing for Hot Wheels basic cars still RM6.50.

So, as smart collectors, you know what to do. Cheers.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where are all the new stocks?

The Hot Wheels wave in the markets seem slow or rather not moving. I was looking around for the new assortments for long, but yet have any new spotted. Boring!!!

The common assortments we have in the market mostly on '55 Chevy wave, and some still DK. What's in the hot list are White F430 Spider, Green Lamborghini, and the rest are good too, just whether is your cup of tea.

It has been long wait, how much time we need? Or Is that just silent before storm? But when it is heavy down pouring, do you have a deep pocket?

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More daring actions needed!!!

Lucky tonight I'm not so tired to write post, collectors were asking me why no new updates to my blog when they met me in the swap meet event. Perhaps, you still remember me and this diecast blog.

The school holiday started this week, and the shopping malls are full with parents and kids. Most of the retailers take the opportunity having sales to stimulate the buying power.

What I observed from the toy departments, most of the diecast distributors have discount on their items but yet nothing on Hot Wheels.

Market Summary:
Tomica - I see is biggest alternative to Hot Wheels, reduced price from RM12.90 to RM10.90 plus 20% discount, that means RM8.70, 32% discount.
Maisto - Covers most of 1/43, 1/24 and 1/18 markets, reasonable price with now 20% discount. Latest 1/64 models have better build, price at RM4.90 with 10% discount.
Realtoy - Real live models, good build quality, selling at discounted price RM3.00 at Tesco, amazing!

In contrast, Hot Wheels missed the boat, currently stuck at high price and old assortments. Kids and collectors are looking out for alternative and fresh models. Market is shrinking month by month, week by week, our GDP this year is -ve 5, the actual number will be greater than this.

People looking for?
People are looking for value-for-money, or good items at cheaper price, warehouse sales for branded stuff explained, In other word, price war. Most of the manufactures and distributors are letting go inventories for cash, no one knows what will happen next quarter, but for sure, it will gets worst before it gets better.

The same message has passed to the correct person, the answer I have is "Patience... It will start", hopefully, that will be a great one.

Do look forward like me, but not too long. Cheers. YeoCP//

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