Sunday, February 8, 2009

My old old Toys

I managed to dig out my old toys during the Chinese New Year Holiday back to my hometown.

Many have already damaged here and there, kind of regret did not take good care of them during young age.

Those survived have come antique to me, the Tomica and Majorette certainly not less than 25 years, they are my childhood memories.

I still seaching for my M.A.S.K., I guess they should have taken by my cousins when I left to study in KL. OMG!

Hot Wheels 57' thunderbird, 1998 Tattoo Machines Series #1
I don't remember I bought this, thanks Demonicle for found me the details.

Majorette Trucks
Tough, Made in France.

Tomica #60 Mitsubishi Rosa Bus
Produced in early 80's, originally from Japan, did not survived :(

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benpaul said...

wow i love to see the old childhood toys!! post some more bro!

RikMun said...

i have the mitsubishi bus too!!....but dono gone where

Fujiwara Takumi said...

Same! I went back to Malaysia( I am a Malaysian living in Singapore), my hometown and saw a lot of my old diecast. Sadly they are in worst condition than yours, remind of sweet old days...

dayakguy said...

Interesting to find some of your toys still do I keep in touch with you?any Facebook?Interested on your Tomica old Bus..