Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review: Tomica #17 Nissan Cube

Haven't been review Tomica for long, I do this for those did not notice the Cube is here. I know there are many Cube fans in Malaysia. I bought this something ago when it just arrived at Litt Tak Hobby Shop. (I think quite a while back)

The little car was released by Tomica last year December 20th. It is a brand new casting under 2008 1st release. Still remember it were some leak pictures in the Tomica Flickr group with many colour variant. (Believed is for colour testing)

I would say this is quite a cute little car in its design, although it is small in size, but it actually solid when you hold it in hand. The front is quite plain, but you can see the Nissan logo clearly.

The attraction of the car is actually at the back. The where the unique signature of the Cube design, continues curve window to the side. Hah, of course the "cube" emblem at the bottom.

Verdict: I'm not a of Nissan but I can't deny it is cute! Custom it to pink will be sweet :)
I Like: Adorable shape and design, solid and heavy.
I Dislike: Lag of details, no feature other than suspension, lastly colour - cute car should come in lovely colour.

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aris tee said...

Dude you're killing me wif the poison! Haha... I have yet to get myself one lolz... maybe soon.

You're right, it should come in cheerful colors like green, orange, red, yellow, etc... or even white (my fav)

Rockaholic said...

cool stuff dude..

aris tee said...

aww man... i went all the way to the shop and they ran out of this...

:( *sobs*