Saturday, May 31, 2008

Featured Collector: Beh

Beh is my ex-colleague's husband, he travel around the world for his business trips. Every trips, he will bought some representable souvenirs for his memory and collection.

Besides collect toy cars, he do have Gundam, Tamiya cars and Cokes. Below is his biography. YeoCP//

Year of Experience: Since Young

Type of Collection: Various Gundam, Cars, Coca-Cola, Hard Rock T-Shirts, Freezer Magnet from different Countries

Number of Collections: Lost count, A lot of them

Favorite Collection: Hong Kong Public transport series

Excitement over collection: I collect those Souvenir from the countries I travelled.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

What so great about JSDF?

These are some other JSDF pictures I received from my oversea colleague. Lately they are quite excited about it, but you may ask what so great about this car? Let me try to explain what I knew.

JSDF was introduced in October 2006, but when 2007 catalog unveiled, this car was immediate removed from the catalog. So, what does it means here? The armoured vehicle was only introduced for 2 months.

Not many countries received this shipment from Japan, but at least Singapore and Hong Kong had limited quantity of stocks. This explained why most JSDF sellers in Ebay come from Hong Kong. For us in Malaysia, someone pointed out it did arrived, but it was recalled within short period of time.

I do not know the rationale behind why Tomy remove it from production, but I know this definitely a must have model to keep. The reasons are simple,

First, JSDF was the only armoured vehicle introduced by Tomy to date. Second, for all models removed from produce list-up will not reproduce anymore. Lastly, the available units out there are really limited. So, have you convinced enough? YeoCP//

Stock-up Tomica JSDF
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Featured Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

This is one of the newer line up in Tomica regular collection series. I have yet see it available in any outlets at the time being.

It is a sexy car with very detailed finishing, especially the back of the car has a fine print of "Lancer Evolution X" (See carefully). Just like other Tomica cars, the both front doors can be opened and the dashboard inside is done nicely.

I dare to say, when this model available in Malaysia it will be the other "hot" car in the hunting list. YeoCP//

Few more photos attached below.

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Toycarsmy Breaks its 1st 1000

This is my 1st 1,000 milestone to my blog slightly more than 2 weeks. It is really not easy to keep the it alive with interesting topics.

From the statistics collected from Google Analytics, people are more interested to know where to get limited and rare collections. For instance, my publishes on transformers Barricade and Hotwheels 3 won most of the clicks.

As for the geographical location, 80% of the visitors are from Malaysia, followed by 10% Singapore, 2% US, 2% Australia and 6% to rest of the countries. 58% of visitors are referral from Lowyat forum.

Lastly, I would say I'm still new in blogging, but this is not the resistant to stop me from continue posting things that I knew and I saw, in which I believed in sharing. So, Meet you again in 5,000 hits, cheers. YeoCP//

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hotwheels 3 Porsche and Skyline Set Still Available

As you know all the Ferrari Enzo and FXX sets already sold out, the next “hot” model you can consider will be the Porsche and Skyline set.

The rest of the package not so attractive, you haven’t got any, get it while stock last. YeoCP//

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Transformers Cartoon Network Animated Series Available

If you are Transformers fan, you maybe will be interested with the Cartoon Network animation series. It is now available at ToysRus outlets selling between price range RM49.90 to RM99.90.

The cars are very different from the movie series, but surprise it is transformable into robot. Not many stocks are available, grab it while stock last. More photos below.YeoCP//

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Spot the differences

Sorry for the picture displayed in black and white, it added little more challanges for you to spot the differences in this setup.

The upper portion of picture is Tomica 2007-2008 catalog and the bottom one is 2006-2007. There are few cars already replaced by new models in latest line-up, example new Pajero replaced old Pajero. If you like earlier Toyota Estima, you getter get it before it replace with the new face lift.

Look closer, #105 (Coca Cola Truck) & #114 (JSDF) are left blank in the catalog. This leave me a lot of questions why much nice models were not reproduction anymore, any ideas? YeoCP//

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stock-up Tomica JSDF

I received these images from my overseas colleagues, everyone seen to have keeping JSDF in their collection.

I think they try to share with me what they found (or you can put it show-off), these people are not Tomica fans before from what I know.

As for myself, besides the rareness of the model, the quality of the car itself already worth collecting. So, what do you think? YeoCP//

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Featured Car: Tomica JSDF Light Armoured Vehicle

This is an extraordinary car produced by Tomica, and this is one and only one army truck in the regular collection series.

JSDF is my most precious Tomica collection, the simplest way to expain how rare is, its tougher to get compared to Hotwheels Super Treasure Hunt. To be correct, this car is not even selling in Malaysia

Although this is available in overseas, you may not have a chance to see it display on the rack either. Local collectors have already included this in their hunting list.

The cheapest way to get JSDF is through online trading, it may cost you not less than RM45 to reach you, from my observation not many units are available through online at the moment (You can Google it if to try your lucky).

This truck is indeed very detailed, please look at the photos i attached below, YeoCP//

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Received my oversea Tomica order

Finally I received my shipment from oversea, some for the models are not available in Malaysia, example JSDF and the Evo X. The whole package weighted more than 1 KG.

Cars for this order already pre-reserved by my close friends. It is not cheap to bring in from oversea, but it still worth due to the rareness in Malaysia.

I have yet come out a solid plan to receive orders from open market. If interested, please check my blog for announcement from time to time.

For the next few posts will be solely based on the cars I received from this shipment. So, Stay tuned, YeoCP//

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica vs Hotwheels Lamborghini

I have quite a interesting topic to share with you guys. I found a old Hotwheels Lamborghini car from Ah Beng, by putting it next to the Tomica car, you could see the different Immediately.

From all angles, the Tomica car looks better with finer finishing. The colour is more striking than the Hotwheels car.

Something I could not show it to you here is the Tomica also weighted heavier. I have slowly increasing my collection in Tomica with its better build quality, don't you agree? YeoCP//

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Hotwheels 3 Ferrari Sets Finished

I believed the Ferrari Sets already finished within the presales day. I received call from Ah Beng, he went down on 2nd day morning, all the famous Ferrari Enzo and FXX sets already gone.

However, he told me the rest of the sets are still available at 50% discount. Packages including exotic Black Porsche, Gold Civic Si, Gold Skyline and others

The Hotwheels 3 package is not commonly available, although Ferrari cars have finished, others with 50% discount still worth collecting. YeoCP//

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Featured Collector: Cham2020 (Andrew Cham) Part 2

As mentioned in the earlier post, the rest of photos from Cham collection as attached below, enjoy. YeoCP//

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Toycarsmy blog is searchable now

Out of nothing I try to search my blog in Google, I found myself listed in the top list. It seen Google already recognised me in their database.

If you try to access my blog away from your PC, you can use following keywords to reach me, my initial; YeoCP or my nickname in forum; toycarsmy. Cheers, YeoCP//

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Tomica models more choices oversea

My colleague sent me this pictures from oversea, as you can see there are a lot of the models not available in Malaysia. From the famous Civic Type R, Mitsubishi Evo X, Hammer H2 to some discontinued models.

For Pro-Tomica collector will notice some of the models are with same number, this is due to the newer model cars already replaced older model with the same number, example, there are two different boxes for # 85 Mitsubishi Pajero and # 99 for both new and old Toyota Estima.

Some boxes are still labeled under Tomy and some are with Takara Tomy, and this will be slowly replaced my new name, Takara Tomy after the merger on March 1, 2006.

I have attached few more photos below, hopefully will not made you feel depressed (can see can not get), but at least we are proud to say Tomica cars in Malaysia are cheapest among the rest of Asia countries. YeoCP//

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