Saturday, December 13, 2008

Featured Car: Cost Cutting Skyline Production?

I found out this accidentally when I did my wheels swap for No.20 Skyline R34 and R32 30th Anniversary, both models have same base which interchangeable.

I thought this is only for these 2 models, but when check my UJ R33 and R34, they possess same base too. I wondering was Tomica on cost cutting when they design Skyline, or it is special arrangement with Nissan.

The first Skyline GT-R casting on this shared base is R32 in 1989 scale 1/59. 6 Years later, year 1005 R33 in scale 1/60 and the last one 2001 R34 scale 1/61. The base are identical except the engrave wording at the center part. You can tell the square line is where Tomica change their description.

In same year 2001, new No. 8 Nissan Skyline non GT-R model released on new casting and base, and this had ended the shared common base across 3 skyline generation. Until now, the latest Tomica Limited GT-R released in 2008 is on brand new casting and base. Non of these based on their predecessor R34 base. Any ideas? ☺YeoCP//

Nissan Skyline R32, 30th Anniversary

Nissan Skyline UJ R33

Nissan Skyline UJ R34

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