Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tomica Vietnam Market

I received this picture from Tom, Vietnam, a very active Tomica collector in my blog.

Quite a lot of models available in Vietnam, including the latest Lancer Evo X. The only difference spotted from Malaysia is their box is wrapped with plastic protector. This will keep the box in good condition, but the draw back is you won't able to see the car inside.

Basically the selling price is near Malaysia, but the regular series are 30% cheaper than Malaysia. Considering inflation rate in Vietnam is very high (25% if not mistaken, Malaysia 7.7%), their Tomica selling price is very reasonable.

I have few more pictures attached below, see whether you spotted any goodies in there. Cheers, YeoCP//

Selling Price:
Tomica Regular Series 45,000 Dong = RM8.80
Tomica Disney Series 79,000 Dong = RM15.40
Tomica Taxi Series 65,000 Dong = RM12.70
Tomica Box Set 240,000 Dong = RM46.80
Tomy Choro-Q 39,000 Dong = RM7.60

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Featured Car: Choro-Q Suzuki Swift Sport

Today I added Suzuki Swift Sport to my Choro-Q collection. I would say, this is an adorable car.

In Malaysia, Suzuki Swift Sport is CBU imported directly from Japan. The 1.6 DOCH engine delivers 125bhp and 109lb-ft of torque in a car that’s slightly over 1000kg. If you already have Choro-Q Swift Sport, your next target should be the real one. YeoCP//

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Tomica Honda Civic Type R, how much does it worth?

My friend sold his Tomica Honda Type R at RM45.00 yesterday. The ROI he generated from this model is 470%.

The highest asking price in Ebay is USD9.99 + shipping USD11.00, or equivalent to RM70.00 in total. He sold at RM45.00 seem reasonable to the market acceptance.

If you plan to do the same, you will not able to get it anymore at present market. Confirmation from Malaysia Tomica sole distributor, the model already finished distributed few months back, nothing left in warehouse.

Do not feel sad if you miss the boat, the next potential model you may consider is #67 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, the highest asking price already gone to USD32.00 in Ebay. You know what to do now? YeoCP//

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feature Cars: Tomica SuperGT

I re-take these pictures with my Canon DSLR in different setting. Where the Super GT cars matched better with the background.

Backdrop printed from William Chan Malaysia Super GT album, and the floor is a piece of sand paper. Only one light source is posted, which I think is relatively quite dimmed.

My camera setting is Tv, AF, F5.6, 1/30, ISO400, 56mm

Model Details:
Super GT 2006 Series - YellowHat YMS Tomica Z
Super GT 2006 Series - Calsonic Impul Z

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica Aquarium Truck

These Trucks featured from An Beng, he got it got long ago from one of the famous shopping complex in KL area.

I would say this unique Aquarium collection simply adorable, especially that truck with the two cute cute penguins.

More photos attached below. YeoCP//

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Featured Car: Tomica Pokemon Pikachu

Tomica regular series is built based on real car models. But there is a Pikachu car in #103, so is it a real car or fiction?

From the pictures took back to 2005, where the real Pikachu car was displayed in Japan, the Pikachu car is a modified Toyota car. It looks just as cute in real.

Few more pictures attached below. Cheers, YeoCP//

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Featured Collection: Tomica Trucks Collection

These are my truck collection besides the regular sport cars. All these were purchased quite awhile back with the old price.

Some of the models already rare to see, e.g. #70 Isuzu ELF Aerial Platform and #2 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Tow Truck. If you also collecting truck, how many do you have? YeoCP//

If you also interested to share your collections, please feel free to drop me an email to

Model Details:
#2 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Tow Truck
#31 Nissan Diesel Quon
#57 Nissan Diesel Quon Tank Lorry
#70 Isuzu ELF Aerial Platform
#77 Hino Profia

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Featured Car: Hotwheels Bugatti Veyron

This is one of my earlier Hotwheels collection, at that time I opened all the Hotwheels cars I bought (Kind of regret now).

You must apply same philosophy in investement when you collecting Hotwheels cars. The price of the car appreciate over the years you keeping them.

The reason is because Hotwheels will not repeat same car with same colour twice in their productions system. This means, you may get the same car but with different colours in different collections, but for sure not be the identical car. This made the collection more interesting especially for those people who love to collect specific model of cars.

Back to Bugatti, I have not seen any repeat cars after the one I have few years ago. What I can relate to it could be due to expiration of the productions license with the manufacturer. Hence, I must take good care of the existing Bugatti I have. YeoCP//

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Update: New Tomica Released Today

TL0097 Mitsubishi lancer evolution X

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica Honda NSX Type R

Honda NSX Type R is the other Honda Racing specification besides Civic in the product line-up.

To fulfill its Type R DNA, it comes with Honda signature white and red emblem. The black top is the unique design to all NSX, It just matched well with the white body.

Although it is not able to open doors like other Tomicas, but this should not stopped you from owning it. YeoCP//

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ToyCarsMy 5000 Hits

ToyCarsMy breaks its 1st 5,000th record today. Statistic capture from 11th May to 25th July 2008, total 5,072 pageviews have recorded.

Out of 2,561 visits, 71% visits are from Malaysia follow up by United States at 189 visits, Singapore 154 and Hong Kong 70 visits as major countries.

Most of the visits from Malaysia are from Telekom Malaysia, there are subscribers from Macro Lynx, Jaring and Maxis Communication in smaller quantity.

Noticeable, Mattel Asia Pacific Sourcing Limited has contributed 41 visits. 36 visits from GfK where GfK Asia Private Limited is a global research company based in Singapore specialist in retail and technology.

Google found ToyCarsMy blog mostly by “Tomica” keyword, which contributed 24% to traffic source.

More statistic to share when ToyCarsMy achieve 20,000 hits in the future. Cheers, YeoCP//

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Featured Car: Hot Wheels Evo X

[24/7/2008 3:30PM] Guess what, I received the Evo X from Tom 5 minutes ago, very happy finally received it after long wait. Due to long distance travel, the cards are slightly crumpled, hopefully Tom received mine in good condition.

[19/7/2008 6:00PM] I have yet seen any carded Hot Wheels Evo X available in Malaysia Market.

Mattel Malaysia have not released it to our local market, but it is easily reachable in other countries.

Tom, my blogger friend get it to me from Vietnam via postage. By the time this post released, I have yet received it on hand.

I anticipate this will make available next month, by that time, it will be the other hot cake to grab.

Thanks Tom for the Evo. Cheers, YeoCP//

Photo by Tom, Vietnam

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My Jusco Treasure Hunt

The presales today is crazy. A lot people were here since 7:00AM. P1 Car park was full when I arrived at 8:15AM.

There are a lot of items worth buying, that including Lego set and Transformers are selling up to 50% discount. Cheers, YeoCP//

Here are my list for today Treasure Hunt:
Tomica Regular @ 30% discount (RM9.00 Each)
Tomica Limited TL0048 Mini Cooper @ 10% discount (RM15.20)
Tomica Honda Showroom @ 10% discount (RM49.90 wrong price tag + 10% = RM44.90)
Hot Wheels @ RM4.90 buy 2 free 1 (RM3.25 Each, please collect the free unit after purchase 1st 2 units)
Hot Wheels Enzo 1:18 @ 50% Discount (RM125.00)

Toy and Baby section full with people.

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Grab your Hot Wheels & Tomica this Thursday

[Updated 24/07/2008 10:00AM] Today when I was there the discount structure changed again, but more attractive.

Tomica Regular @ 30% discount (RM9.00 Each)
Tomica Limited @ 10% discount (RM15.20)
Hot Wheels @ RM4.90 buy 2 free 1 (RM3.25 Each, please collect the free unit after purchase 1st 2 units)

[Updated 23/07/2008 1:45PM] A day before the pre-sales day, Jusco has changed their discount promotion. Hot Wheels will sell at normal price RM5.90 with buy 2 free 1 (RM3.93 each), where Tomica with 20% discount (RM10.32 each).

[Updated 21/7/2008 2:00PM] Jusco Mid Valley is having JCard Day this coming Thursday. This is presales day open exclusively for JCard holders.

Hot Wheels and Tomica will sell at discount price, Hot Wheels RM4.60 with buy 2 free 1, Tomica with 10% discount. Any combined purchase above RM100 will get RM10 Jusco Voucher.

Follow by next day, Hot Wheel will sell at RM4.90 each. Please make yourself available on that day, sale start from 7.00AM. Cheers, YeoCP//

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Featured Car: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599 GTB

Total of 3 variance colours was produced in 2007 First Edition, do you have all?

First Edition/New Models 2007, 014-K6146 #14/36

First Edition/New Models 2007, 014-K6146 #14/36

First Edition/New Models 2007, 014-K6146 #14/36

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Featured Car: Customized VW Drag Bus

The Customized VW Drag Bus, possibly the most collector-favored casting of all time.
This was released on Hot Wheels Collectors 10th anniversary back to year 2006.

Limited numbers were produced for the celebration. Cheers, YeoCP//

Features Highlight:
Spectraflame® aqua finish with a white top
Real Riders® wheels
Ghost flames
Flat black wing
Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis and engine

OFFICIAL NAME: Customized VW Drag Bus
SERIES NAME: HWC™ Series Five Real Riders®
No. OF CARS IN SERIES: HWC™ Series Five: 5 of 12. Real Riders®: 5 of 6.
TAMPO: tbd
NOTES: Limited to no more than 11,000 pieces.

[Source: HWC]

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Featured Car: Hot Wheels Ferrari FXX with Red Rims

Markets are moving on the Blue Enzo, Black FXX and Tooned Enzo wave, but these are hardly see in sights due to its limited distribution.

It is kind of eyes catching on this Black FXX on the black-red ring wheels. The Red-Ring has just enhanced the FXX on it furious look.

There could be an error car produced by the thousands of die cast made in the production line. Some collectors keep error cars due to its rareness.

Over the years, Mattel has improved their QC process, where you hardly see error cars nowadays, furthermore it is a Ferrari FXX.

A Black FXX already worth RM20 today, what about this with Red-Ring wheels, RM50 or RM100?

Sorry dude, you will not see this in my swap list, this is only for my private collection. Cheers, YeoCP//

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