Saturday, January 31, 2009

DIY: Custom Matchbox Nissan 350Z

The 350Z was built after the VW Bettle attempt. Besides the custom casing, the Nissan has extra added details on its front signal lights, grill and size Z logo.

The backdrop is one piece to floor in purely white colour, this created the studio look effect.

The back picture and the Nismo logo was printed by high definition colour laser printer, it sound simple but took me few rounds of try and errors.

The end result looked easy but the whole process took me 1 hour to have everything fitted neatly to the casing. Car is nothing but just secured with double-sided tape.

Do you like it? I rate it 4/5 star, will try something new next attempt. ☺YeoCP//

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tomica Collections, how many do you have?

I started collecting Tomica only May last year, I have not time to sort out my inventory until my leave took on 1st week of 2009.

It took me hours to "stock check" and "packaging", the final result is stored at the deep corner of my store room. These will be my son treasure one day later.

After 8 months journey, I realist I almost completed 120 numbers. There are only few numbers that I skip, I may need to consider complete the whole 120 models since I came so far.

1st I need to find out why I skip those numbers, It could be I overlooked or not existent in Malaysia. ☺YeoCP//

Number Description
1 Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Queen
2 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Tow Truck
3 Toyota Megacruiser Patrol Car
4 Honda VFR Police Bike
6 Honda Super Cub
8 Nissan Cedric 4 Door H.T (1999)
9 Komatsu Power Shovel PC200 Galeo
11 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti
12 Nissan Paramedic
12 Toyota Forklift FD200
13 Morita Airport Crash Tender MAF-125A
14 Komatsu Anti-Personnel Landmine Demining Equipment D85MS
15 Hummer H2
16 Suzuki Swift Sport Rally Cup Car
18 Jeep Wrangler
19 Tomica Wing Transporter
20 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
21 Honda Step WGN
22 Nissan Diesel Aerial Ladder Fire Truck
23 Nissan Skyline Safety Car
24 Komatsu Motor Grader
25 Mitsuoka Le-Seyde (Carded) (2001)
26 Exploratory Bus
27 Toyota Corolla Axio
30 Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star Route Bus
31 Nissan Diesel Quon
34 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GT-A
35 Subaru Samba Noodls Truck
37 Coca-Cola Event Car (Red)
37 Coca-Cola Event Car (White)
38 Pocket Monsters Bus
39 Lift-Magnet Power Showel
40 Mitsuoka Viewt
40 Nissan Skyline Racing (R34)
40 Skyline Unisia Jees (R33) Carded 1997
41 Morita Fire Engine Type CD-I
42 Caterpillar Track Type Tractor
42 Hato Bus
42 Satellite Relay Truck
43 Mini Cooper
44 Mazda RX-8 Patrol Car
45 Toyota Dyna Refuse Truck
46 Honda Odyssey (2006)
46 Honda Odyssey (Gold)
49 Yamazaki Delivery Truck
50 Nissan Fairlady Z Racing Type
50 Nissan GT-R Racing Car
51 Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi
51 Toyota Crown Taxi
53 Nissan Diesel Quon Mixer Car
54 Honda Civic Type R
56 Komatsu Bulldozer D155AX-6
57 Nissan Diesel Quon Tank Lorry
59 Dynapac CC21
60 Toyota Celsior Privately Owner Taxi
61 Suzuki Swift Sport (Yellow)
65 Nissan Diesel Big Thumb
67 Mitsubishi lancer Evolution X
70 Isuzu ELF Aerial Platform
73 Tadano Rough Terrain Crane Crevo 600
74 Rescue Truck III Type
74 Rescue Truck III Type
75 Nissan X-Trail
75 Smart ForTwo Coupé
76 Isuzu Giga Dump Truck
77 Hino Profia
80 Hitachi Construction Machinery Rubber Crawler Carrier EG110R
81 Honda NSX-R
81 Honda NSX-R
83 Isuzu ELF Sagawa-EXP
87 Lamborghini Marcielago
91 Porsche Boxter
92 Toyota Coaster
93 Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star
93 Toyota Quick Delivery Van (Fruit) (1996)
94 Mazda RX-7
95 London Bus
96 Mazda RX-8
96 Subaru Samba Milk Truck (1997)
100 Honda Fit (2003) Pink
100 Honda Fit (2008)
101 Hino S'elega
102 Off Road Dump
103 Pikachu Car
104 Mitsubishi Lanser Evolution IV WRC Carded 2000
105 Coca-Cola Route Truck
106 Toyota Pruis
108 Hino Aerial Ladder Fire Truck
112 Honda Airwave (Blue)
112 Honda Airwave Limited (White)
113 Mechanical Sweeper
113 Nissan Skyline
114 JSDF Light Armoured Vehicle
115 Mazda Roadster
116 Super Ambulance
118 Toyota Coaster Kindergarten Bus
119 Morita Fire Fighter Ambulance
120 Komatsu Articulated Dump Truck

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Toycarsmy wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperity Chinese New Year 2009.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tomica Limited January Release

TL0103 Toyota Crown

Suspension / door left and right

Racing Curcuit Set

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (suspension / door left and right)
Subaru Impreza WRX STI (suspension / door left and right)
Impul Calsonic GT-R (suspension)
Honda Civic TYPE R (suspension / door left and right)

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Friday, January 23, 2009

NotAboutToy: Nick and Hot Wheels

Picture of my son Nick playing with my Hot Wheels in the Matchbox City set.

Many of us keeping cars in the card, but I decided to open some for him. My thinking is this eventually will go to him, why not let him enjoy some for now. I still have other loosed with me, but that will only pass to him when he know how to appreciate it later.

My collections will not make me rich in my life time, but hopefully will help him up in some ways. I calculated that will be 20 years later when I hand over to him and he keep for the other 20 years.

For an example, a original carded custom Volkswagen produced in 1968 worth over USD 1,000 today. My few hundred pieces Hot Wheels should worth hundreds of thousand US dollar in 40 years later. (God Knows?)

The ROI sound like better than bought him a house. This sound like day dream, but let's find out 40 years later, I will see you in Amcorp to tell you whether is true (if it is still standing there). ☺YeoCP//

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Field Report: 22nd January 2009

The latest Ferarri Racer series is selling at RM9.88 or RM9.90 after rounded-up until 1st Feb. Normal price for the series is RM14.90 after new price tag, most models still available in reasonable quantity.

Those have missed the 7-11 promotion, now is your second chance with cheaper price. More field reports are available in the ☺YeoCP//

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Toycarsmy on CyberSpot 19th Jan 2008

(Click for bigger view)

I received the email from Malay Mail Editor few days before the publish date (19th Jan).

The Interview was straight forward over the email, there was no personal meeting over the process. Is was a series of questions to answer, those you see bold in black were actually my questions from editor.

Pictures were selected from my Photobucket, I actually didn't know until I bought a copy of newspaper on Monday.

Thanks to Sheila and Gabey who shortlisted me to Cyberspot.

Soft copy is also available here.

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Field Report: 20th January 2009

Some nice Tomica Models are spotted in Metrojaya, Mid Valley. Few worth mention are:

#3 Toyota Megacruiser Patrol Car
#4 Honda VFR Police Bike
#43 Mini Cooper
#44 Mazda RX-8 Patrol car

Buy 4 Me Service for outstation collectors
Please email to buy4me(at)toycarsmy(dot)com if you have problem reach to above locations.

All purchases are make on behalf with the available stocks, you will not pay extra but on market retailer price. Postage fee will be charged based on the postage type you selected.

All the arrangements are made between you and the service provider, please CC me if you need my involvement.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Featured Car: Matchbox VW Beetle Taxi

The Matchbox Volkswagen Beetle Taxi somehow looks very similar to the Mexico City Taxi.

In Mexico, the little green and white beetle is called el vocho has been running in the city for over 50 years, but this will soon become the history.

The Mexican government wanted to replace them with more modern, fuel-efficient vehicles. The green-friendly government has been proactive in trying to cut down on smothering smog and high ozone levels with such plans as growing rooftop gardens and limiting the number of cars on the road.

The ministry's recent decision to rid the city of all cars older than 10 years by 2012 is a blow to the capital's 20 million inhabitants who rely on some 100,000 taxis, 75,000 of which are older than 10 years and 80 percent of which are Beetle, according to ministry records.

At the end of 2012, there will be no more Beetle Taxi in the country.

Picture of el vocho in Mexico

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Field Report: Citibank Hot Wheels 1:50 Promotion

Hot Wheels Volkswagen and Muscle car series.
RM20.93 each not including shipping ( shipping around RM4 per car if ship to KL)

Only for Citibank Card Members. Read Here.

Here is their contact details

Address :
CLSonline - Customer Service
30 Jalan Sepadu 25/133,
Axis Premier Industrial Park, Section 25,
40400 Shah Alam
Hotline : 6(03) 2773 0999
Fax : 6(03) 2780 6188
Email :
Operation Hours : Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm

Field Report from

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tomica Regular January Release

No.55 Nissan Fair Lady Z

Suspension / door left and right

No.94 Nissan GT-R

Suspension / door left and right

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hot Wheels 2009 Poster is available

Got it from HWCM, please click for bigger view. ☺YeoCP//

Related Post: 2009 Hot Wheels Line-up

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Field Report: Hot Wheels Connect Cars

Spotted yesterday in Robison, The Garden today. ConnectCars new series in the line. I was heard about it last year, but did not expect to see it so fast.

Each package contained a car plus a display container. The contain able to join multiple together as showcase. Size of the car similar to standard 1/64 Hot Wheels car, total 25 models in the series.

Each one is sold at retail price RM16.90, purchase from Robison will enjoy extra 10% discount.

More Hot Wheels information are available at Hot Wheels Collectors Malaysia site.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Field Report: 13th January 2009

GR-R R35 and PGC10 set is spotted in Litt Tak S.g Wang, selling at RM220.90, only 4available.
This is the self assembly set, package contain both GR-R R35 and PGC10 in 1/43 scale.

** Please take note, it is from Bandai **

Buy 4 Me Service for outstation collectors
Please email to buy4me(at)toycarsmy(dot)com if you have problem reach to above locations.

All purchases are make on behalf with the available stocks, you will not pay extra but on market retailer price. Postage fee will be charged based on the postage type you selected.

All the arrangements are made between you and the service provider, please CC me if you need my involvement.

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Field Report: TRU 1U

Reported from member, it was 50 cartons restocked in Toy R Us 1 Utama last Saturday (10th Jan). The scalpers have hit the store on the same day.

Demonicle visited the place on the following day still found some left-over. He was told by the Manager that all stocks are on display, nothing kept in the store room.

He spend an hour to have nice models sorted on the top of the display for the convenient, as you can see, there are plenty of yellow NSX and Evo 7 out for grab.

His hard work earned him 2 regular Treasure Hunt Drift King and 2 VW Fastback. Each box contained a Fastback on the current short packing, it is not hard to guess where were those gone to.

The massive restocked will last the store for a while given the quantity and price. If you nearby the place no harm visit while the assortment still wide.

Credits: Demonicle on the report and pictures.

More stories are availeble at

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Official Launch: Hot Wheels Collectors Malaysia

I met Demonicle at Amcorp Flee Market 2 weeks ago, for the 1st time. Despite we never met, we have a lot of common topic to share. Over the casual discussion, we realise we have the same intention to establish a Hot Wheels Club.

I was on leave on the following week to settle my daughter 1st week school. This gave me some extra time to discuss in depth with him over the implementation of the club.

That was few rounds over revision, and what you see now is actually the hard works from the committee members.

Without need to elaborate in text, please visit the Club will self explain further. YeoCP//

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Featured Collection: Hot Wheels Evolution X

This is the new casting from 2008, total 3 variant for 2008 First Edition / New Models, Metallic Deep Red, Metallic Gray and Slightly Metallic Dark Blue. Missing the Blue variant in these photos because it never been here in Malaysia yet.

The wave for the Lancers was very short, the 1st colour as Red was introduced, followed by the Gray, but the Blue haven't seen in the market yet.

The Red was once distributed widely on the Designers Challenge in August 2008, where the Gray was in Hot Wheels Pack of 3. We still hope will see the Blue variant in any time soon. YeoCP//

More Hot Wheels Stories are available in

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Friday, January 9, 2009

DIY: Mini Tomica Magnet

What else can you do with this mini Tomica free from Litt Tak? I have turned it into Fridge Magnet.

I used this magnet bar bought from Ace Hardware for RM3.90.

Cut nicely and stick it on the reverse side of the car.

Here is the result, total 8 I made this round. They are chasing each other on the CPU.

The best part is, it works for the Hot Wheels too, see!

Same album available in Facebook.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RM6.50 for Hot Wheels

The speculation has turned reality, we need to pay for 10% extra!

I wonder how collectors going to react on the increment given the situation on the slow market pressure. We already know it would be bumpy ahead, everyone is talking about saving and not to spend on extra. Toy as the non-necessity items will be 1st few in the hit list.

Think from the bright side
It also means you existing collections bought before hand have already increased its value. There are always new comers, you can consider to offer for new collectors with the new price tag.

If you collected long enough, you should know this is very usual.

What will happen
I would say the wave will come very very very slow, I need to mention 3 times to emphasize how slow would be. It going to be boring to see the same items over and over again in the retail stores.

As such, I wonder we will get the full list for the upcoming models. You may not meet them at all for next year. Scalpers will go on full alert when new stocks hit on market, due to low demand, they may not get rich fast.

Besides, forum will go on 1st gear, many may go on "hibernation" mode.

What can I do
Once you are Hot Wheels collector, you will be forever Hot Wheels Collector. Just need to spend wisely, but this does not apply for those are not affected, such as students.

Streamline you wish list, pick those only worth collecting like DD and VWs. Get your wish list from Ebay with bargained price. This would be your best time to shop if you still loaded.

Mattel sell nothing but toys, there will be events to boost markets. Just repeat steps above, I guaranty you will be happy collector.

Perceive this as opportunity rather than thread, do remember, when people buy less, there would be less production; when it produced less, less people will have it.

Law of demand and supply, whatever you have would be more valuable when market back on track, by that time, you are the Hot Wheels King. Get the idea?

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Tomica Regular (Long Tomica) January Release

No.121 tanks PUROFIA Hino

Remove body / moving left and right

No.122 700 Star light rail system

Moving truck


Expand conveyor / moving left and right / rotation

No.124 N700 series Shinkansen

Moving truck


Removing the body / right and left movable / removable container

Nagano Shinkansen system No.126 E2

Moving truck

No.127 tent caterpillar BANSHOPPUMIKAMI & Coro

Suspension / open roof / separate body

No.128 700 series Shinkansen

Moving truck

No.129 Racing Transporter

Remove body / moving left and right / rear panel open

Tohoku Shinkansen system No.130 E2

Moving truck

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