Friday, October 31, 2008

Featured Car: Custom Tomica Skyline R34

Description: This #20 Skyline R34 already rarely seen, I received mine in used condition. Since it already doesn't came with box, without the second thought, I modified it to improve its look.
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 30 Minutes
Customization Works: 1. Polished and Waxed, 2. Changed Wheels donor from Matchbox

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Discontinued Models, 2000 ~ 2004 Tomica Release

Obviously most of these models already been replaced by the newer models, and most of it already don't see any.

Some of the models I still looking in box:
- Mercedes A Class
- Honda CRV
- UJ Skyline R34
- Mitsubishi Evo 4 WRC

2000 Release

2001 Release

2002 Release

2003 Release

2004 Release

[source: PrawnKing]

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            Wednesday, October 29, 2008

            Featured Car: Realtoy VW Classic Beetle

            Some people may ignore this brand during their hunting. Well, my view is this is relatively a good die cast to own from collection perspective.

            This Beetle is from Fast Lane, by Toys R Us originated from Realtoy. Nicely done with painted front and rear lights, detailed interior and best is selling at reasonable price, RM4.90.

            Fast Lane, or Realtoy to be correct not so popular in Malaysia, I guess it has to with its resale value. If you are not a toy investor, it shouldn't held you back to Realtoy. ☺YeoCP//

            Remarks: Sides Beetle, I also have Fast Lane RX8, Ford Focus - WRC, BMW M3 and some other good models.

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            Tuesday, October 28, 2008

            Featured Car: Custom Tomica Nissan X-Trail 22" Edition

            Description: One of my early customization work done, pity the X-Trail as my white rat. I give this customization a fair rating.
            Difficulty: Medium to Hard as no experience during that time.
            Duration: 45 Minutes, time wasted to fit the big wheels into the base.
            Customization Works: Change wheels and stickers did recently.

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            Monday, October 27, 2008

            Featured Car: Custom Tomica Skyline R32 30th Anniversary

            Description: This customization is to restore this Tomica from used condition. The parts are taken from same model Hot Wheels R32. The wheels and Interior are directly replace the original Tomica part. Due to the customization fits, both doors no longer able open as the feature of the model.
            Difficulty: Medium
            Duration: 60 Minutes
            Customization Works: 1. Polished and Waxed, 2. Changed Wheels donor from Hot Wheels Skyline, and 3. Interior from Hot Wheels Skyline

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            Sunday, October 26, 2008

            Featured Collection: 3 Tomica Limited you should't missed

            Tomica did a good job to arrange these sport cars for the limited in a row. Collectors were busy sourcing for the first 2 models, and now GT-R.

            Unfortunately the Limited Civic ran out faster than the wind and collectors have to either get through connections or from evil bay.

            Lesson learnt from Civic, collectors are phobia for the GT-R distribution, due to this, expecting the stocks will run out faster than the usual.

            Nevertheless, please ensure you already got your, because you going to be bored for the next 3 Tomica Limited models, Fire Engine, Police car and MPV. ☺YeoCP//

            Models details
            TL0097 Tomica Limited Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
            TL0098 Tomica Limited Honda Civic Type R
            TL0099 Tomica Limited Nissan GT-R

            Remarks: I have individual review on each models, please refer to my earlier posts.

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            Saturday, October 25, 2008

            Update: New Tomica Released Today

            TL0100 Monitor CD-I-pump fire engine
            Features: Suspension

            Tomica Emergency vehicles set

            - Craft emergency vehicle (car-rescue maneuver III)
            - Himedic Ambulance (Toyota ambulance Himedic)
            - Emergency command vehicle (Subaru Impreza)
            - Mountain emergency vehicles (light armored vehicles Mobile)

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            Friday, October 24, 2008

            Featured Car: Shell James Bond 007 Z3

            Shell just start new promotion on the James Bond 007 cars started yesterday to December 17th. Malaysia as the 1st country to launch this collectible James Bond models in the world.

            For Shell Consumers will need to fill minimum RM40.00 to purchase 1 unit at RM5.50. At this moment only 4 models available, the 5th model DBS will available in conjunction of the Quantum of Solace launch on 6th November.

            The 1st four models available are, the Sunbeam Alpine 5 featured in the movie ‘DR.No’, Lotus Esprit from ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, BMW Z3 Roadster from ‘GoldenEye’, and the Aston Martin DB5 from ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Thunderball’.

            Out of these, my preferred model will be the Z3, but when I filled-up yesterday, the little blue car already ran-out at the petrol station near my house. So, this Z3 you see in the picture is belonged to my colleague.

            There Isn't match to expect for this diecast scaled 1:64 at this price, furthermore came with the display case. The quality and details are reasonable at its price.

            The diecast was produced by the company called Tic Tac, a diecast company from London. There isn't much information written on the base of the car, I guess this is a one time deal for Shell James Bond promotion.

            Well, compared to Welly, the SLK still won for its finishing, despite Z3 RM2.50 more expensive.

            My view to the value of the collection is more on the casing rather the diecast. Which fit my custom Bosch truck perfectly.

            As such, what to do for the Z3? End up here...

            Just joking, remember it is from my colleague, I need to repack and return to him in good condition.

            Although I prefer earlier Shell Ferrari collection more than this series, I will still keep a set simply for the sake of buying. What to do, I'm a typical toy collector. ☺YeoCP//

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            Featured Car: Hot Wheels Hiway Hauler

            This Hiway Hauler has just joined the HWC Series Seven Real Riders line.

            Besides the full-metal trailer and chassis, the Hiway Hauler makes its first appearance at HWC with Real Riders deep-dish wheels, two different Spectraflame shades, and a hefty Hot Wheels deco. ☺YeoCP//

            High Ligh Features
            Die-cast trailer (first time for this casting!)
            Spectraflame smoke finish on cab
            Spectraflame race team blue finish on trailer
            Hot Wheels logo and pinstriping deco
            Real Riders deep-dish wheels with red stripes
            Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis
            Light smoke-tinted windshield
            Red interior

            [Source: HWC]

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            Thursday, October 23, 2008

            Featured Car: Tomica Limited 0099 Nissan GT-R

            My review for this Nissan GT-R while it is still hot, where the Limited was just released 27th September 2008. Litt Tak relatively fast recently on catching up the actions.

            If you observant enough, the pre-production casting is different from the released model. Two major differences are, head light is painted instead of plastic, and second door open versus fully covered glass.

            What I like:
            - Stunning outlook, no doubt is a sexy model.
            - 1st or original casting for Nissan GT-R model.
            - Heavy and reasonable detailed, especially with side mirrors (Tomica Normally don't).
            - Is a Nissan GT-R, what else you asking?

            What I Dislike:
            - Pricey for RM23.90 on current market situation.
            - Still have minor QC problem, mine got touched-up by photoshop.

            My Verdicts:
            Despite minor paint chips, you shouldn't missed this again after Civic Type R limited. Maybe I suggest you to safe back from 2 upcoming Tomica Limited Models, but not this.

            1st picture unveiled for on the website on different casting

            Not sure is it Bridgestone Potenza Tyres?

            No painted base like Civic Type R, but normally people don't mind

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            Wednesday, October 22, 2008

            Update: Tomica Limited Nissan GT-R has arrived at Hobby Shop

            The stocks have arrived 2 days earlier than the expected date. Very limited stocks for the 1st round, please grab yours for your 1st hand review.

            My review will come tomorrow. ☺YeoCP//

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            GIAIII: Win Complete Set of Hot Wheels Speed Racer for FREE

            Win 12 units of 1:64 Speed Racer for absolutely free, the complete set worth RM238.80 if you purchase it from any stores.

            Not only that, it is not easy to complete the whole set due to some models are distributed in small quantity, for instance Red Mach 4 is only packed with 1 unit per box.

            Nevertheless, all these are giving out free if you win the contest, thanks to Mattel SEA for the sponsorship.

            1st Prize included:
            1. Mach 5 with saw blades
            2. Snake Oiler with spear hooks
            3. Racer X Street Car with jump jacks
            4. Mach 4 with saw blades
            5. Musha Motors with spear hooks
            6. GRX with spear hooks
            7. Mach 6 with jump jacks
            8. Gray Ghost with saw blades
            9. Racer X Race Car with spear hooks
            10. Prince Kabala with saw blades

            and additional two variant of:
            11. Mach 5 with jump jacks
            12. Mach 6 with saw blades

            2nd Prize worth RM119.40:
            1. Mach 5 with jump jacks
            2. Mach 6 with jump jacks
            3. GRX with spear hooks
            4. Racer X Race Car with spear hooks
            5. Snake Oiler with spear hooks
            6. Racer X Street Car with jump jacks

            and 3rd Prize win:
            1. Mach 5 with saw blades
            2. Racer X Street Car with jump jacks

            Tempted? here is how you could win.

            Competition Details:
            Title: Send in your contest entries, best entry win the prizes.
            Models: Exclusively for Hot Wheels only.
            Duration: 22-10-2008 to 30-11-2008.

            How it works?
            1. Send in as many as your entries to my email account (, entries will be posted in my blog later.
            2. Most creative entry will win the prizes, and this to be selected by the author (me). Sorry, no more voting system, you need to be real good and creative to win these.

            How to collect?
            I have not decided yet, this to be arranged with the winners later, is either by postage or self collection, you know postage fee for these are expensive.

            Terms and Conditions:
            1. Postage will be bear by the winners if postage method is selected. I'll advise postage fee accordingly, no profit will be made.
            2. Since postage will be paid by the winners, International participants are welcome, payment over paypal transfer.
            3. Resize pictures to 640x480 in Jpeg format, not amendment or changes will be made to your entries.

            *** Good Luck ***

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            Tuesday, October 21, 2008

            Update: TL0099 Nissan GT-R has arrived

            According to Litt Tak, the Limited Nissan GT-R has finally arrived to KL. The Limited will be available at the store start from this coming Friday (24/10/2008).

            From our experience over the Tomica Limited Civic Type R 0098, you better be quick before it disappear again.

            Each Limited will be sold at RM23.90. ☺YeoCP//

            TL0099 Nissan GT-R

            Suspension / left and right doors opening and closing

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