Monday, April 27, 2009

Tomica Marked Down

(Picture Officially from Litt Tak)

Litt Tak readjusted price to their 5 models from Tomica regular series to RM9.90 from RM12.90 started from April fool day.

The notice already on most of the department stores, repost here in case some did not noticed.

Models on new price are,
#17 Toyota Celsior
#20 Daihatsu Move Custom
#28 Honda Elysion
#33 Toyota Vitz
#40 Mitsuoka Viewt

My View
I have lost touch with Tomica for a while, can't really tell which is the newer models from the list. In fact most of the collectors do feel the same.

If just selection from the outlook, I will pick the 2 in green colours. In fact I already bought it.

This doesn't seen as the promotion for short period of time, as from the observation, Sale for the Japanise brand has been affected on the later market movement.

This can easily tell from the statistic from the discussion boards, post on the Tomica board is less than 1/10 of the Hot Wheels speed, diecast collectors are now more into Hot Wheels collection.

Bottom Line
No doubt Tomica produced good diecast, if Litt Tak seriously like to regain the market, they should consider readjust back to last year price , RM7.90, better still RM7.50. This will blur out the line with Hot Wheels on RM6.50, gain back from volume in the long run, rather than death stocks in hand.

RM12.90 isn't a affortable price to most people see it as a toy, what about the limited on RM29.90.

Last word, above just my opinion, you may not agree with me. Big Passion for Small Cars.

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Toycarsmy said...

Correction: Tomica Limited price should be RM23.90.

Sorry for the mistake.

Eric @ Loon said...

I think this is due to Litt Tak never take care of Tomica market here. They only focus on Gundam product causing Tomica never grow.

Paanjang16 said...

Bought the Daihatsu Move and Misuoka Viewt from Sogo for only RM 7.92 only. Apparently not only did they lower the price to RM 9.90, they also added 20% discount on top of the new cheaper price! 2 cents more expensive than the wayy old price, but still worth it.