Monday, September 15, 2008

Bye bye TL CTR, See you next month

Despite long wait for Tomica Limited Civic Type-R, the limited had finish within same day, maybe 15 minutes.

According to the Hobby Shop, only very very little units has arrived to the shop and the model has sold-off almost immediately. Litt Tak has not confirmed when the next shipment will arrive, but it will not take less than 1 month for the logistic arrangement.

According to unconfirmed source, large quantity stocks were purchased by Civic 8th Generation Club. The transaction deal before the stocks have surface to the shop.

I'm unable to get a unit for review, meanwhile have to refer to pictures taken from one of the hardcore Tomica Collector in Singapore, Prawnking.

According to his pictures, the finishing of the model isn't that good comparing to the regular series (Please judge yourself). I guess the Tomica factory was rushing for the delivery due to huge quantity of orders. It means here, the popularity of the Civic is more than Evo X if I conclude on the built quality of these 2 models.

[Pictures courtesy of PrawnKing, Singapore]

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