Friday, May 30, 2008

What so great about JSDF?

These are some other JSDF pictures I received from my oversea colleague. Lately they are quite excited about it, but you may ask what so great about this car? Let me try to explain what I knew.

JSDF was introduced in October 2006, but when 2007 catalog unveiled, this car was immediate removed from the catalog. So, what does it means here? The armoured vehicle was only introduced for 2 months.

Not many countries received this shipment from Japan, but at least Singapore and Hong Kong had limited quantity of stocks. This explained why most JSDF sellers in Ebay come from Hong Kong. For us in Malaysia, someone pointed out it did arrived, but it was recalled within short period of time.

I do not know the rationale behind why Tomy remove it from production, but I know this definitely a must have model to keep. The reasons are simple,

First, JSDF was the only armoured vehicle introduced by Tomy to date. Second, for all models removed from produce list-up will not reproduce anymore. Lastly, the available units out there are really limited. So, have you convinced enough? YeoCP//

Stock-up Tomica JSDF
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