Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RM6.50 for Hot Wheels

The speculation has turned reality, we need to pay for 10% extra!

I wonder how collectors going to react on the increment given the situation on the slow market pressure. We already know it would be bumpy ahead, everyone is talking about saving and not to spend on extra. Toy as the non-necessity items will be 1st few in the hit list.

Think from the bright side
It also means you existing collections bought before hand have already increased its value. There are always new comers, you can consider to offer for new collectors with the new price tag.

If you collected long enough, you should know this is very usual.

What will happen
I would say the wave will come very very very slow, I need to mention 3 times to emphasize how slow would be. It going to be boring to see the same items over and over again in the retail stores.

As such, I wonder we will get the full list for the upcoming models. You may not meet them at all for next year. Scalpers will go on full alert when new stocks hit on market, due to low demand, they may not get rich fast.

Besides, forum will go on 1st gear, many may go on "hibernation" mode.

What can I do
Once you are Hot Wheels collector, you will be forever Hot Wheels Collector. Just need to spend wisely, but this does not apply for those are not affected, such as students.

Streamline you wish list, pick those only worth collecting like DD and VWs. Get your wish list from Ebay with bargained price. This would be your best time to shop if you still loaded.

Mattel sell nothing but toys, there will be events to boost markets. Just repeat steps above, I guaranty you will be happy collector.

Perceive this as opportunity rather than thread, do remember, when people buy less, there would be less production; when it produced less, less people will have it.

Law of demand and supply, whatever you have would be more valuable when market back on track, by that time, you are the Hot Wheels King. Get the idea?

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1 comment:

Paanjang16 said...

If you are lucky, some places have not updated their price tags to the new prices (and some even have discounts for the old price!!). But the new price is in their server already.

However they will honor the price on the tag should the price is different.

I feel it is very unfair for us since we are getting late and sub-standard releases. No 2009 cars, no MB superfast series, outdated waves. I dun mind a price increase, but at the same time the quality and products on offer must match the price increase. Atleast Litt Tak has improve the variety of products on offer after its price increase.

The biggest irony of all: Hot wheels are MADE IN MALAYSIA!

P.S: I have already complained about the price increase in the Jusco and Metrojaya's suggestion box.