Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Custom Volkswagen Beetle, Lovely!

A quick DIY on the VW Beetle from the currently wave, just added some lovely pictures from the Nail Decor stickers, the result looks like from decal paper.

The Nail Decor is the one use for ladies nail decoration, I find it very easy to apply and it is very cost effective (Less than RM2.00).

The steps to apply is simple,
1. Cut the shape out and remove the clear sheet.
2. Place the design face down on the surface and press firmly.
3. Wet the back with water and wait for 30 seconds.
4. Slide the back paper and let the design dry.

Still looking for nicer pictures for my upcoming DIY, as this is for nail decoration, don't expect to get racer stickers like HKS, Sparco and stuff.

Something you can try is the Tattoo stickers, it is from the same material, you should have more variety design to choose from. Have fun!


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1 comment:

aris tee said...

That's cool man... I wish I knew how to customize... would love to have a green-colored custom to look like my car~ :D