Friday, January 9, 2009

DIY: Mini Tomica Magnet

What else can you do with this mini Tomica free from Litt Tak? I have turned it into Fridge Magnet.

I used this magnet bar bought from Ace Hardware for RM3.90.

Cut nicely and stick it on the reverse side of the car.

Here is the result, total 8 I made this round. They are chasing each other on the CPU.

The best part is, it works for the Hot Wheels too, see!

Same album available in Facebook.

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yiheng said...

great idea! will try it out :) i'm wodnering what can i do with the mini tomica too.


aris tee said...

wow u stick it on your computer? wouldn't the magnet bring side effects to the system? just wondering... hehe... it's a neat idea

ADVedder said...

done it.. work nicely.. now my wife wont complaint bout those yujin lying around the house! thanx yeo!