Monday, May 4, 2009

Hot Wheels Classics: Series 5

5th year of Hot Wheels Classics series, still remember my 1st purchase in Malaysia was at Mattel warehouse sale some time back. The Classics were never in Malaysia ever, and this will not for this year too.

For series 5, Mattel picked some of the best-known muscle cars, hot rods, and Hot Wheels originals from the past 4 decades as well as 16 brand new models.

Bottom Line
A notable model for Malaysian will be the 2001 Mini Cooper, see picture below. Franky, if these in Malaysia, only and the only model can sell will be the Mini too. Too bad, American Classics, too foreign to us.

Full Classics 5 Castings
'29 Ford Pickup [N6945] (New tool!)
'47 Chevy® Fleetline™ [N6954]
'58 Edsel [N6933] (New tool!)
'59 Cadillac® Funny Car [N6938] (New tool!)
'62 Corvette® [N6949] (New tool!)
'65 Pontiac® Bonneville™ [N6936]
'70 HEMI® Challenger [N6951]
'70 Monte Carlo™ [N6934] (New tool!)
'70 Pontiac® GTO® [N6940]
'72 Ford Ranchero [N6960] (New tool!)
2001 Mini Cooper [N6942]
8 Crate® [N6955]
AMC Greased Gremlin [N6943]
Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato [N6946] (New tool!)
Combat Medic [N6952]
Convoy Custom™ [N6953] (New tool!)
Copper Stopper™ [N6948] (formerly Paddy Wagon)
Custom '56 Ford Truck [N6937]
Custom '66 GTO® Wagon [N6941] (New tool!)
Deco Delivery™ [N6944] (New tool!)
Dune Daddy™ [N6958]
Fish'd & Chip'd™ [N6957]
Hammer Sled® [N6950]
School Busted™ [N6961] (New tool!)
SS™ Express [N6947]
Street Rodder [N6935] (Retool!)
Studa-Beaker [N6959] (New tool!)
Studebaker Avanti [N6939] (New tool!)
Texas Drive 'Em™ [N6956] (New tool!)
Tucker Torpedo [N6932] (New tool!)

Source: HWC

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Unknown said...

hi, i'm sue,

i want to ask, do you know where can i buy a hotwheels-mini cooper miniature-red n black color here in malaysia? i cudn't find it. if u have any information about it, can u email me at tq so much for your help.

yayix said...

i'll try to scour for that mini cooper!!!

i have 1 series 4 hotwheel classics #15 :)

Unknown said...

I am looking for custom 66 classics series 5 in package. Where could i get this. Thank you