Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Hot Wheels Ferrari 1/43 available

The new Hot Wheels Ferrari 1/43 is available at selected Jusco Outlet mostly in Klang Valley area.

Only 6 models available for this series, they are 250 GTO, Fxx, Enzo, 575 M, F430 Challenge, and F40. The selling price for each unit is RM44.90. 10% discount given during this promotion period.

Some collectors find this series similar to the earlier Shell Ferrari promotion with plastic body. However, many do agreed that it has better build quality all rounded.

Big concern for collectors is the selling price, some suggested RM29.90 will have better market response.

Comparable products on the same scale are Bburago and Maisto in price range between RM13.90 to RM35.90. Even that, Enzo and FXX have already sold out in most stores. ☺YeoCP//

Picture Courtesy of HWCM Member Hokuan & Rayz-HWC more Hot Wheels news are available at

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JDMike's Diecast Site said...

these are very very nice! i saw it with my friend in HK, but i just dont wany to start a ferrari 1:43 collection................yet! hehehe!

thanks for the pics Yeo!

Unknown said...

hi, is the whole body made of plastic?