Friday, January 23, 2009

NotAboutToy: Nick and Hot Wheels

Picture of my son Nick playing with my Hot Wheels in the Matchbox City set.

Many of us keeping cars in the card, but I decided to open some for him. My thinking is this eventually will go to him, why not let him enjoy some for now. I still have other loosed with me, but that will only pass to him when he know how to appreciate it later.

My collections will not make me rich in my life time, but hopefully will help him up in some ways. I calculated that will be 20 years later when I hand over to him and he keep for the other 20 years.

For an example, a original carded custom Volkswagen produced in 1968 worth over USD 1,000 today. My few hundred pieces Hot Wheels should worth hundreds of thousand US dollar in 40 years later. (God Knows?)

The ROI sound like better than bought him a house. This sound like day dream, but let's find out 40 years later, I will see you in Amcorp to tell you whether is true (if it is still standing there). ☺YeoCP//

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1 comment:

Paanjang16 said...

Glad you allow you kid to play with some of your cars. Some of the cars in my store (mostly Matchbox) were played by me and my brother and is now about 20 years old. I'm 25 this year, so my childhood revolved around all these fantastic cars which my parents bought for me.

One thing about letting a kid play though, is that there is a very high chance the paint will chip, parts break etc. I know, coz I played till almost all the paint is gone, doors, windows gone & even kangaroo bars bend. But amazingly the wheels remain intact and still spin like they are new. The die-cast body of the car no matter how much punishment it received still remained intact (except for some cars). Also not all were stored properly to keep the paint pristine.

As for value of the cars increasing, some of the MB cars I have increased by 10 times if still carded. Eg. Ford Flareside pickup, Ford Supervan, Dodge Challenger Toyman Yellow Drag car, Mercedes 300E, Toyota MR2 white color.