Sunday, January 11, 2009

Featured Collection: Hot Wheels Evolution X

This is the new casting from 2008, total 3 variant for 2008 First Edition / New Models, Metallic Deep Red, Metallic Gray and Slightly Metallic Dark Blue. Missing the Blue variant in these photos because it never been here in Malaysia yet.

The wave for the Lancers was very short, the 1st colour as Red was introduced, followed by the Gray, but the Blue haven't seen in the market yet.

The Red was once distributed widely on the Designers Challenge in August 2008, where the Gray was in Hot Wheels Pack of 3. We still hope will see the Blue variant in any time soon. YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

Blue Evo has appeared in Vietnam officially! :)

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

here in manila. it was november when it arrived, i'm sure it will arrive there soon Yeo.

drdoomjr said...

i have the blue evo, inface, the 1st color was red, then blue and then grey, i'm form malaysia