Thursday, October 23, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica Limited 0099 Nissan GT-R

My review for this Nissan GT-R while it is still hot, where the Limited was just released 27th September 2008. Litt Tak relatively fast recently on catching up the actions.

If you observant enough, the pre-production casting is different from the released model. Two major differences are, head light is painted instead of plastic, and second door open versus fully covered glass.

What I like:
- Stunning outlook, no doubt is a sexy model.
- 1st or original casting for Nissan GT-R model.
- Heavy and reasonable detailed, especially with side mirrors (Tomica Normally don't).
- Is a Nissan GT-R, what else you asking?

What I Dislike:
- Pricey for RM23.90 on current market situation.
- Still have minor QC problem, mine got touched-up by photoshop.

My Verdicts:
Despite minor paint chips, you shouldn't missed this again after Civic Type R limited. Maybe I suggest you to safe back from 2 upcoming Tomica Limited Models, but not this.

1st picture unveiled for on the website on different casting

Not sure is it Bridgestone Potenza Tyres?

No painted base like Civic Type R, but normally people don't mind

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Anonymous said...

Advertising is only advertising!.. :) Anyway, luckily that you had one! Congratulation!