Friday, October 24, 2008

Featured Car: Shell James Bond 007 Z3

Shell just start new promotion on the James Bond 007 cars started yesterday to December 17th. Malaysia as the 1st country to launch this collectible James Bond models in the world.

For Shell Consumers will need to fill minimum RM40.00 to purchase 1 unit at RM5.50. At this moment only 4 models available, the 5th model DBS will available in conjunction of the Quantum of Solace launch on 6th November.

The 1st four models available are, the Sunbeam Alpine 5 featured in the movie ‘DR.No’, Lotus Esprit from ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, BMW Z3 Roadster from ‘GoldenEye’, and the Aston Martin DB5 from ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Thunderball’.

Out of these, my preferred model will be the Z3, but when I filled-up yesterday, the little blue car already ran-out at the petrol station near my house. So, this Z3 you see in the picture is belonged to my colleague.

There Isn't match to expect for this diecast scaled 1:64 at this price, furthermore came with the display case. The quality and details are reasonable at its price.

The diecast was produced by the company called Tic Tac, a diecast company from London. There isn't much information written on the base of the car, I guess this is a one time deal for Shell James Bond promotion.

Well, compared to Welly, the SLK still won for its finishing, despite Z3 RM2.50 more expensive.

My view to the value of the collection is more on the casing rather the diecast. Which fit my custom Bosch truck perfectly.

As such, what to do for the Z3? End up here...

Just joking, remember it is from my colleague, I need to repack and return to him in good condition.

Although I prefer earlier Shell Ferrari collection more than this series, I will still keep a set simply for the sake of buying. What to do, I'm a typical toy collector. ☺YeoCP//

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aris tee said...

Hahaha you really got me there wif the throw the car away part :D

Looking forward to get myself those too... which one is finishing fast? :D

PrawnKing said...

the car quality looks cheap

Anonymous said...

I already got mine. I think the BMW is the most preferred because it was the latest car among others. can't wait for the Aston Martin DBS in early Nov. how cruel people could sell it for USD10.00. very CEKIK DARAH. I think people should keep it as collection and not sell it for now. it's different if it's an antique. just my opinion. sorry for a long comment.

liam said...

i do agree with prawnking, the quality is very cheap (i only notice it after i swap my credit card, :p). I bought the whole set (all 5 cars + garage, customized secret agent briefcase) at the roadshow held in The Curve.