Monday, March 30, 2009

7-Eleven April 2009 Hot Wheels Promotion

What you can expect this round? It is Blue Evo X and Regular or Super Treasure Hunt Qumbee wave. Among the Matchbox, you will find Benz Mini Van and Civic Type R.

Each store will get half carton of Hot Wheels and Matchbox, this also means you may not get T-Hunt and Civic Type R every stores.

Together the promotion, complete carton of pack of 3 available for your selection. The assortments same with Cold Storage wave contained Orange Civic, black Datsun and white Ferrari.

Date of Promotion: 30 March 2009 ~ 26 April 2009
Hotwheels Basic Cars: RM5.90 (NP RM6.50)
Hotwheels Gift Pack (3pcs): RM19.90 (NP Same)
Matchbox Regular: RM5.90 (NP RM6.50)

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Paanjang16 said...

Kinda disappointed with 3 things:
1) The 3-pack is not cheap. Atleast have some discount to make the cars less than RM 6.50 each. By right more cars per pack = cheaper.
2) Most HW stock are the 2008 cars which last time costs only RM 5.90 at retail, very rarely see a 09 car
3) Some of the cars are leftovers from the previous 7'11 promo, which used to cost alot less.

MBX is ok since there are some new stuff, but some 7'lls have alot of leftovers from last year.

Used rvs for sale said...

These Hot Wheels cars are the best toys ever..
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