Saturday, March 28, 2009

Volkswagen Fastback, what so great about it?

Many collectors have asked, what so great about this VW Fastback?

See the price guide from, the loose is USD5.00 and the carded USD10.00. You can cross check the bidding price in Ebay too, It shouldn't fetch so high price for the new release.

The collectors believe this fastback will follow the Chevy Panel not returning to mainline.

Thanks to Phil Riehlman made it so heavy, it came not cost effective to package it in the regular line-up. We will have to see it again in other series, so bye bye for now.

It is just lucky for those who got it retail, if you saw 1 but didn't take it, please bang your head to wall now. YeoCP//

Pictures from Wikipedia.

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aris tee said...

have never seen one on the shelves... still hoping to find one. my old mechanic drives one of the same color...

Used rvs for sale said...

Awesome concept man!! Really superb!! I didn't think anytime like this as for shelving inside the cars.. that's nice idea!! Used Car Dealers

Anonymous said...

huhu... now i really want to bang my head to the wall... huhu.. i spotted it several times but didnt bought it... huh..