Sunday, December 7, 2008

Featured Collection: The Toyota

I have no trace of information on this Tomica The Toyota box set I have.

The die cast are specially built in bronze colour, the surface on purpose with sand effect, covered with a layer of clear paint to prevent it from oxidation. The effect extended to its base, means it the base is metal too. Except the Prius, both 2000GT and Toyoda are equipped with rubber tyres.

If you know the background of this box set, please share with us in the comment. ☺YeoCP//

Set Details:
-Toyota 2000GT
-Toyoda Model AA
-Toyota Prius

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PrawnKing said...

i have the nissan one.. also there is a Honda one

Starscream said...
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Starscream said...

Yep. Prawnking is right =) I didn't manage to grab them during sales period where they were going really cheap.. *duh*