Saturday, December 6, 2008

NotAboutToy: Ready to school

My daughter Ying Ying turn 4 next year, I have enrolled her to Kindergarten at my housing area.

This picture taken during the enrollment day, she quite likes the school especially with a lot of friends at same the age.

Her school start 5th January 2009, this may sound irrelevant to you, but to me, I will have to cut down my blogging time after her school started.

As for now I can't estimate how much time will be taken from me, but please be expected my blog updating speed will shift into low gearing mode.

I love blogging, but only I could find time, my time priority is for my daughter. Not too worry, I will have to find a balance to juggler my time, until then things stay as is it. ☺YeoCP//

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Starscream said...

Don't leave the hobby. Stick around and blog, contribute whenever, wherever you can =_)

Melvin said...

Thanks for sharing your real felling over heve. It is good to hear that you put your time and attention to your family first. I am very appreciate your contribution toward this die-cast collecting hobby. Hope to hear from you soon.

aris tee said...

Awww she's so cute!

All the best to the handling of your daughter's schooling. Hope to see you blogging in between~ =)