Monday, December 8, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica Limited 0048 Mini Cooper

This is the 2nd variant colour of the Tomica Limited Mini Cooper. Remember, I have featured the yellow colour in the September post.

The blue Mini Cooper in the far end is from the regular series, I have a post related to Tomica investment posted somewhere in the November.

The red Mini although it came from same Limited series with yellow version, the red one is simply nicer with the white top and stripes.

You put it side by side with the regular series, the Limited has more details made to its lights, air-con vents and water mister.

The side mirrors are just not plain white, but with "mirror" inside, the side turn signers and door handles are equally taken care-off.

Despite the Mini was built on 1/57 scale, you can still feel it "small" when you contrast with others Tomica are generally in the smaller range from 1/59 to 1/64.

I Like:
- Is my favorite Mini Cooper.

I Dislike:
- Missing British Flag on top.

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1 comment:

Starscream said...

Dude: Buy up the Mini Cooper Lotto Series. All the flags are there! :D