Saturday, September 27, 2008

Update: New Tomica Released Today

TL0099 Nissan GT-R
Suspension / left and right doors opening and closing

Eneos Tomica Town Gas Station
Features: The door open and close, offices and car-washing machine that moves back and forth.
* included 1 PURAKIZZU (Figure)
* Tomica car not included

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ADVedder said...

where can we gt both these items in kl?

PrawnKing said...

confirm GTR will be hot item also!!!!

aris tee said...

When can I get them both? They look so sweet *cries*

Issit just me or does the GTR seem like a limited?

ADVedder said...

it is limited.. looks really nice...

aris tee said...

Oh man that's so cool... hope I can find them :D

ADVedder said...

just checked at ebay, its already been out? is the release day different in different countries? can anybody answer this?

Eugene T. said...

this gtr has been released in stores in japan on the day this post is posted. so thats why ebay already has them

francis said...

Hitory of Tomica:
The birth of Tomica diecast began in 1970 under the nurturing hand of Eijiro Tomiyama, the head of the Tomy Kogyo Company, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan.1 From the very beginning, the high level of detail, eye catching colors, quality construction, and superb craftsmanship distinguished Tomicas from many of other diecast lines. Tomica's humble start in the world of diecast began with an initial line of only six models: the Datsun Bluebird SSS Coupe, the Toyota Corona MkII, the Toyota Crown Super DL, the Toyota Crown Police Sedan, Toyota 2000GT, and the Datsun Fairlady Z432. Although Tomica models ranged from anywhere between 1/28 to 1/154 in scale, they were typically 1/65. Like Matchbox, each vehicle was sold in a small box that could accommodate a 212" model. From these modest beginnings, the number of vehicles in the Tomica line grew exponentially so that by 1976, there were 128 models. By 1979, this total grew to 180 vehicles. 1980 marked the finest hour for Tomica lovers and collectors with the total number of different models peaking at over 260. Unfortunately, due to a bad case of economic reality in the diecast marketplace, these heady days were short lived. As a result, Tomy consolidated and downsized the line to 120 different models - a number that Tomy has consistently offered since 1987. Although the number of available models hasn't changed, Tomy keeps things interesting by phasing out a few models every year and replacing them with something new and exciting.
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