Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update: New Tomica Released Today

Tomica & PURAKIZZU racecar
The miniature cars are "Honda NSX-R" type of race car.
*Included 1 PURAKIZZU

Tomica & PURAKIZZU unmarked patrol car
Tomica "Nissan Skyline" unmarked patrol car type.
*Included 1 PURAKIZZU

Tomica watering and car-height PURAKIZZU
Tomica "Monitor" type of high-altitude water cannon truck.
*Included 1 PURAKIZZU

Tomica & PURAKIZZU family car
The miniature cars, "Toyota Voxy" type of family car.
*Included 1 PURAKIZZU

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1 comment:

PrawnKing said...

mine are on the way... :D