Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Tomica Limited?

Have you wonder why "Tomica Limited" called Tomica Limited?

Tomica Limited introduced by Tomy in 2001 targeted Tomica collectors. The models are produced with higher details and realistic looking wheels with rubber tyres. These models are packaged in open cardboard boxes surrounded on four sides with a transparent plastic sleeve.

So, why limited? The reason been is because when the new Limited released, the older models immediate became discontinued.

This make make good investment for toy investors on Limited Series compares to regular series. A good example will be Limited Evo X, which now categorised at discontinued model after Limited Civic Type R was out.

So, if you are toy investor, please stock up your TL0097. ☺YeoCP//

*** Enjoy your weekend ***

Remark for Malaysia Tomica Collectors: We still have a lot of earlier released Tomica Limited in the local stores. I still see many vintage models in display, this could be a good opportunity if you are a Tomica investor. Always us Ebay as your reference site to estimate your ROI (Return of Investment).

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Guyy said...

hi yeo, great info never knew about it, kinda new in die-cast, thanks

Anonymous said...

:) So, I will be a big investor... In Vietnam, there are many many LT Tomica, the Vintage..:)

aris tee said...

Hehe great info there mate... I'd better get my Honda City before stocks are gone then...