Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Jusco Treasure Hunt

The presales today is crazy. A lot people were here since 7:00AM. P1 Car park was full when I arrived at 8:15AM.

There are a lot of items worth buying, that including Lego set and Transformers are selling up to 50% discount. Cheers, YeoCP//

Here are my list for today Treasure Hunt:
Tomica Regular @ 30% discount (RM9.00 Each)
Tomica Limited TL0048 Mini Cooper @ 10% discount (RM15.20)
Tomica Honda Showroom @ 10% discount (RM49.90 wrong price tag + 10% = RM44.90)
Hot Wheels @ RM4.90 buy 2 free 1 (RM3.25 Each, please collect the free unit after purchase 1st 2 units)
Hot Wheels Enzo 1:18 @ 50% Discount (RM125.00)

Toy and Baby section full with people.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you got another big score again... Congratulation...

Show me more details about your 1:18 Enzo pleaseeee.....

Anonymous said...

I saw you got more 03 Tomica Hummers, 01 Tomica Evo X and two Tomica I dont know exactly (a police car and...)...:D

Why Hummer is only availble in Malaysia????? :(

Toycarsmy said...