Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Variation or Error?

I found this Revealers Buick Grand National on different wheels, it seems normal as variation but it is unusual to team series.

None for the sites I searched have a recorded for this variance, so is it an error or variation? You tell me.

Revealers Buick Grand National

Mtflk. Gold, w/Brown, Black, White, & Red tampos on sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/OH5SP's

A short variation of Buick Grand National 2007 First Edition already cost US$125.00, so how much will this worth then? YeoCP//

Source: South Texas Diecast

If you read this from syndicated site, checkout the full site at http://www.toycarsmy.com/

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Unknown said...

it is not error just another car with different wheels...

benpaul said...

i saw that car at usj 11 7/11 ahah.. didnt buy tho.. its just a variation i guess..

Anonymous said...

hurm... i guess their normal wheels are out of stock when they producing it... hahaha