Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hot Wheels Larry's Garage

Larry Wood has been with Mattel Hot Wheels since 1969, and since 1995, Larry has always dreamed of coming up with a line of his own. Until now, Larry is very proud to introduce to the public his hand selected 20 of his very own designed Hot Wheels.

Larry's Garage, a list of Larry's favorites selection released in Late 2008 for 2009 with his signature on the base of each models. It’s a great way to celebrate Larry’s 40th year with the brand.

It's now being recognised as the Signature Series, and becoming very limited to find.

List of Larry's Garage:
’32 Ford Sedan Delivery (SKU# N9052)
’33 Ford Roadster (SKU# N9062)
’56 Chevy® (SKU# N9046)
’57 Chevy® Bel Air™ (SKU# N9053)
’63 Corvette® (SKU# N9051)
’67 Pontiac® GTO® (SKU# N9050)
’68 Mercury Cougar (SKU# N9057)
’69 Camaro® Coupe (SKU# N9061)
’69 Ford Mustang (SKU# N9045)
’70 Mercury Cyclone (re-tooled from ’70 Montego) (SKU# N9064)
3-Window ’34 Ford (SKU# N9055)
Bone Shaker® (SKU# N9063)
Classic Packard (SKU# N9048)
Dairy Delivery® (SKU# N9056)
Metrorail™ Nash Metropolitan (SKU# N9047)
Purple Passion® (SKU# N9054)
Shift Kicker® (SKU# N9060)
So Fine® (SKU# N9059)
T-Bucket (SKU# N9049)
Wild Thing™ (SKU# N9058)

Bottom Line
Sorry not available in Malaysia, or est. RM34.90 if here, would you consider?

Source: HWC, Wiki

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