Monday, April 13, 2009

Review: 2008 Lancer Evolution

We was once complained about the missing blue Evo in the 2008 First Edition. But the latest 7-Eleven promotion is flooded with it.

There are total 3 colours variation on the Evo casting, my pick still the blue one with OH5 wheels, nice isn't it? YeoCP//

I like:
One of my top picks in the 2008 First Edition.

I dislike:
Why the blue variant did not come with dark base? It should looks better with that.

What else to say, the Evo is favorite to many collectors, further more it is the first casting.

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Phoenix 鳳凰仔 said...
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Phoenix 鳳凰仔 said...

Blue is not my color, but still buy it because it had 4D(door). Not many 4D car in HW. Still searching the grey or red color.

Unknown said...

hi, i want to ask where can i buy hotwheels in malaysia? (especially in Kuala Lumpur)

TheFallingStarOne said...

i always want that evo x i find everywhere even at petronas

TheFallingStarOne said...

i been hunting for that evo for month but fail