Friday, March 27, 2009

H0 '55 Chevy Panel

This is the H0 scale (1/87) Chevy Panel, it is as details as the 3" version. In fact, I found it better than the original 1st edition debuted 2006.

The H0 version just looked like his elder brother, furthermore it comes with two-piece rubber wheels. The only missing item is the slide out cooper, I guess it is too small to fit in at the back. Some background of the 2006 Chevy Panel below.

Introduced in 2006 as a First Edition, the `55 Chevy Panel was one of the year's heaviest models along with the VW Karmann Ghia.

It has a metal body and base. The Panel also has a rear hatch that opens to reveal a motorcycle that can slide out. Due to the model's significant weight and production cost, the `55 Chevy Panel is not expected to return to the mainline after 2006.

There is also a variation of the First Edition with a Black painted grill. YeoCP//

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VeheN said...

these 2 are looks great ...

and of course its greatness comin from its size (1/87) ...

this tiny model has almost everything that it has to have..!

thx for share ...

Aarti said...

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