Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot Wheels 101: Join Hot Wheels Club - Part 3

Join Hot Wheels Club
You may look for people have some hobby with you to share excitement and experience. But there is only one official Hot Wheels club in the world, Hot Wheels Collectors (HWC) by Mattel International and Red Line Club (RLC) is the premium membership to HWC.

HWCM, Hot Wheels Collectors Malaysia is a non-official Hot Wheels community exclusively for collectors in Malaysia. The member registration is free-of-charge and you are ready to go. The community believed in information sharing is the best way to help collectors.

Swap Meet
Along the collecting, you are certainly looking for some models to complete your collections, swap meet or exchange (some people called trade) is one way you can look into.

Make friendship with collectors in the community and swap your extra to something in your wanted list for absolutely no money involve, isn’t it fun?

Show your creativity and talent in creating your very own version Hot Wheels, this required certain skills in it. I have seen quite a few awesome customs did by the HWCM members. They not only swap wheels, but repaint the whole car with self-designed decal stickers, it is amazing and looked original.

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