Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hot Wheels 101: Investment - Part 4

Every casting design variations are produced for once, no reproduction for same colour, design and tampo on the following years. As such, every model is limited after the release has over. You probably need to swap or purchase from collectors if you pursuing certain casting.

I’m also telling you Hot Wheels collecting is investment, the value from its popularity and rarity. You need to keep it in perfect condition and packaging, including the original box. As such, Hot Wheels collecting may make you fortune if you done enough home works.

Bottom line
You do not need a lot of money for this hobby, but rather you need to visit more shops and frequent to score what you are looking.

One biggest collecting tip is to just have fun and do not spend more than you can afford, Hot Wheels collecting is about enthusiasm, passion, and sharing.

Happy Hunting!

Reference Sites
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