Friday, March 20, 2009

Hot Wheels 101: Hot Wheels terminology - Part 5

Malaysians’ Hot Wheels terminology

Carded - Hot Wheels that are still intact in their Blister Pack.

Loosed - Hot Wheels that are taken out of their Blister Pack.

Long Card - Packaging for Malaysia and most of the countries. US card differentiate by the yellow "3+".

Short Card - Available to certain countries, for instance, Europe and Japan.

Error Card - Hot Wheels with mistake, this either referring to error in car or the card. Error could be wrong wheels, tampo, window, wrong car in card, etc.

Blister Pack - The packaging that most Hot Wheels cars are sold in. There is a printed paperboard backing with a plastic blister containing the vehicle.

Waves - Assortment of the models in each carton. Mattel arrange the assortment according to the wave code in size of 72 cars in a carton. Collectors always refer new wave to new models out to market.

Variant - Deviation from the same model, most of the time is variation of colour and tampo.

Tampo - Painted designs that are pre-applied to castings through a pad press process.

Casting - General term that refers to the Hot Wheels model.

Body - The upper metal part of the vehicle. This can include the doors, fenders, trunk, wings, etc.

Base or Chassis - The bottom piece of metal or plastic that forms the underside of the vehicle. This will show the first year the vehicle was produced (Not in the later models) and the country of origin.

T-Hunts or Reg Thunt - Consist of 12 cars ever year, 1 released per month (Supposedly). Rare to find with high resale value, it is because each box of 72 cars only contained 1, most collectors aiming for this.

T-Hunt$ or Super Treasure Hunt - Introduced In 2007, higher level of Thunt with premium rubber wheels & spectraflame paint. This is ultimate Hot Wheels collection with only ratio of 5 to 10 Regular Thunt to 1. Scored this is your lucky day.

First Editions / New Models - Cars that debut on the mainline whether it is based on real-life vehicles or from the imagination of the Hot Wheels designers team.

Track Stars - Cars that are designed exclusively to be raced on Hot Wheels track sets.

Segment Series - Cars that are designed to meet with a certain theme, eg. Heat Fleet and Hot Wheels Racing. 10 Segments and 10 models for each series in 2009 line-up.

Haul - Refer to the result for the models found.

Field Report - Reports made by collectors for the available new models. This helps others eliminate time to search through location repeatly.

Trade - Refer to exchange with others for the models you do not have.

Swap Meet - Collectors meet together exchange collections.

Scalper - The person that bought all the high demand models for advantage made from the higher resale value. Scalper created artificial demand in the market take away the chances from others. Exemption for scalper is those bought for others with no profit.

Insider - People who have advantage to search through cartons before it display on the rack.

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