Monday, February 9, 2009

My Old Old Toys, Part 2

More pictures continue from the earlier post.

Hot Wheels 1:18 F1 Ferrari
Michael Schumacher, left to right, F1-2000, F399 and F300

Michael Schumacher, F2001

Miniatures produced in the 90s

Tamiya Plastic Assembly Models
Assembled by myself and my younger brother between 1993 to 1997. The Nissan race car was only completed by him only last year.

After 10 years, the paint has faded and turned yellowish.

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JDMike's Diecast Site said...

its so nice you have kept them Yeo!

specially the ferraris, they are worth a fortune nowadays, congrats! :-)

Anonymous said...

i like the micro machines... remind me the good ol days...!~.. i hav some also.. i just like how u can mod the tiny car by just snap on the accessories...!~~