Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Which Model worth Investing?

If you ask me what is my number 1 choice regular model will preserve value in the future? My answer is always no.114 JSDF, but it no longer possible gets it locally in Malaysia. If you want to know more about JSDF, I have some write-up in my earlier posts.

Let’s buy something possible today will make you richer in the future. I will recommend you non-Japanese models will have better market value in the future. Tomica Ferrari, Volkswagen and Rolls-Royce explained.

My 1st runner-up choice is no.43 Mini Cooper light blue colour, follow by no.15 Hummer H2. I dropped H2 due to recent reproduction model with awful quality. To prove my point, you can examine those H2 with “Takaratomy” logo yourself.

Here are my views on Mini, you may not fully agree with me.

All time favorite
You can not deny this is an all time favorite model, I have missed the No.88 Classic Mini in the beginning of 2000s, which it worth not less than USD15.00 if you purchase from Ebay and this hasn’t calculate in shipment.

I believed, when No.43 becomes discontinued, its market value wills shoot-up just like its predecessor.

Hidden Features
There are some specialties about this model you may not notice, please correct me if I’m wrong. For all current regular models, it is,
- The only regular model has side mirrors.
- Has a metal base, and it is heavy. I have not come across any others have metal platform too.
- The model number is printed instead of embedded on the base.

However, the only downside is the wheels; it is not with the Tomica racing wheels, otherwise, it will looks more sporty. But, I’m not too worried on that, because I could change it myself.

Up to here, has it changed your mind somewhere? Would you still hesitate to buy if you see it in the future? ☺YeoCP//

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Starscream said...

Dude: I can see where you're coming from about Investment and a good model for keeps. By the way, this is not the only model with "side mirrors" so that you know. They existed long before =)

Toycarsmy said...

Yeap, like the older Skyline R32 has side mirror.

But it is the only current regular line-up has side mirror.

Do it missed out other?

Starscream said...

Uncommon yes but here's some models with "ears" that I've managed to dug up =)

11-Subaru Legacy
13-Nissan Cedric
15-Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX
17-Toyota Celsior (Green)
28-High-Way Public Co Patrol Car
43-Mini Cooper
44-Nissan Fairlady 300ZX Patrol Car
104-Nissan Cima
107-Nissan Cedric Road Service Car