Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Featured Car: Hot Wheels Ferrari FXX Yellow detailed edition

I'm just playing with my new marker bought from Litt Tak from Gundam modelling.

The pen head is very fine (I think is 1mm) allows me to fill up both front and back grill for extra detailing, and It has no problem to draw lines on the body work.

I also filled up the the chrome PR5 rims with the red rings and darken the spokes to make it looked like the Ferrari Racer FXX. My friend who also Hot Wheels collector think I have just changed the wheels again.

With the minor upgrades, the yellow car raised its quality near to Ferrari Racer. In actual, the 2008 FE is less than haft price of the Ferrari Racer, but you can't actually tells the differences. New collectors may think it is new colour variant if I insert it into Ferrari Racer's card.

For those have Yellow FXX, you should try out yours and experience the fun on it. I'm still looking for the silver colour pen to draw the Ferrari logo at the back. Scaled modelling collectors, any ideas where to get? ☺YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

Wow, so nice. I have 03 variant of HWs FXX but I really don't dare customize them like you... :P

Toycarsmy said...

The Yellow FXX is so plain, give it more colours to make it better.