Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Field Report: 17th December 2008

Jusco Mid Valley
2 Boxes of Hot Wheels restocked, same wave as TRU, no T-Hunt in the box (New Packaging?)

1 Box of Matchbox restocked, 1 model each (Again, new Packaging?)
- Nissan 350Z
- Ford Transit (SWAT)
- Lexus, red
- LandRover, Yellow
- Some Audi
- Smart fortwo

Tomica, nothing, all reported earlier gone

TRU Mid Valley
Models from last restocked almost nothing left, you can look from Jusco.

Buy 4 Me Service for outstation collectors
Please email to buy4me(at)toycarsmy(dot)com if you have problem reach to above locations.

All purchases are make on behalf with the available stocks, you will not pay extra but on market retailer price. Postage fee will be charged based on the postage type you selected.

All the arrangements are made between you and the service provider, please CC me if you need my involvement.

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