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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

GIAII: Welcome to my Tomica Town

This is my 50 out of 63 cars, i added the trees and a small building which is a train station to beautify the ambiance than just some cars parked on the table.

Posted by Wong Eu Jun. Eu Jun, 14 years old, collecting Tomica Regular series over years. Collected total 63 models this year and Toyota Mark X is his favorite model.

Please vote for this post if you also like it, just leave a comment to support the contestant. Or you can send in your posts to to win the prize. Winner walk away with a Tomica Regular Civic Type R for absolutely FREE, competition end 21/10/2008.

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Melvin said...

I will vote for young Eu Jun. Good to start young & all the best. Hope you will get tis free CTR.

Starscream said...

Haha.. yeah it's good to start early and ten years later those minty models makes you more moola! ;)

Ear said...

yup, i am voting for bright young people! Eu Jun! bottoms up!

Eric said...

I am voting for this because he has alot of cars displayed in the picture! wow! and arranged nicely too! :-)

Eric said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonathan112 said...

i like this. i am supporting this contestant

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