Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Featured Car: Maisto Fresh Metal Hummer Hx Concept

While everyone craving for new Hot Wheels wave, I spotted this Hummer Hx Fresh Metal in Carrefour for RM4.60.

See my review and more pictures below. ☺YeoCP//

I like:
Acceptable details
Reasonable Price
Real replica of the actual car

I dislike:
Light and soft metal body.
Not smooth movement with the wheels

Hummer collectors, it’s worth purchase for price versus finishing. In my view, It’s best produced Hummer by Fresh Metal so far in 1/60 scale.

Hummer Hx Concept

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Anonymous said...

"Hummer collectors", you called me..:P. As your view, maybe this model is really the best model in Fresh Metal serie of Maisto. Is it "must have" model??? :D

Toycarsmy said...

Hi Tom, if you ask me, the answer is "YES" ☺

Jun said...

i've got that hummer! =D
believe it anot.. i bought that for only Rm1 from carrefour xD ..kinda suprise for maisto product going that low.. next time i went there.. it raised back to Rm3.90.. @@
oh yea.. anyone saw maisto fresh metal series "Porsche 356" scale 1:64 around KL area pls inform me (sjun90@hotmail.com) i've been searching for it for almost 8 years T.T