Thursday, August 28, 2008

Takara Tomy Drift Light Package

I just found out this new product from Takara Tomy, Drift Package Light.

I can't read Japanese, but I guess the "light" word means smaller version of R/C series from their Yokomo range of products.

I wonder whether this will be available in Malaysia, I'm looking forward to have one drifting around at my car pouch.


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aris tee said...

Yeah man... I've heard bout this... they can really drift. But only saw the ad la, dunno how well can they do it in real life. Should be interesting. Try searching on YouTube :P

benpaul said...

hi bro, wow this is really wat i've been searching for.. bro can post more details abt this drift tomy cars.. plss.. saw it youtube and its awesome.. just wondering when msia will have and wats the price

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

how big are these? bigger than 1:64?
love the Trueno!

thanks Yeo! :)

Unknown said...

They're 1:26!!!
Around £20 GBP plus p&p on ebay.
Not sure if they're for sale in malaysia.

Bidi said...

Hi everyone,

Juz to inform that I'm selling this car. but very limited unit. 2nd shipment reached KLIA, but detained by customs and will take 2-5 days to settle :(

I am selling it at RM160. Visit for more details.

SSP said...

you can also found it at:

it seems there are total 4 version.

kangyoon - kaito said...

its already available here
i just bought in jusco toy session
selling RM139.90 only

aris tee said...

The cars look nice, but it's a lil pricey... just wondering, after playing with it, does the car justify the price?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

It's great. I have a Silvia S15. It's worth the price.
One thing,they don't sell it anymore anywhere. But you can find it at Sunway. In front of Sunway College Gate 2. Hobby Haven. They also have the Yokomo Drift Package. You can get your spare drift tyres for RM20 for four tyres. Or go to