Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot Wheels Designer's Challenge, What to buy?

This may be relevant to you if you plan to collect all 7 Packs of DC series, or you intend to resell it in the future.

For very Hot Wheels collection series, there will be some models are distributed in lesser quantity. So, what is the rare model for Designer's Challenge series?

Statistics from 2 Toys R Us I visited yesterday are identical, I hope this is not intention but coincident.

Out of 10 boxes of DC series labeled with L2233, each box has 6 packs inside, and the statistics are:
4 packs of Mitsubishi Double Shotz
2 packs of Ford Gangster Grin
2 packs of T-Hunt Plymouth

It seem the Mitsubishi Double Shotz and Ford Gangster Grin are the so called "rare" models in Designer's Challenge Series. Not to mention T-Hunt Plymouth, or T-Hunt$ Plymouth well known as limited.

The collectors already hunting around in the cities, if you miss the TRU wave, please do not miss it again on this coming Friday in Carrefour.


Mitsubishi Double Shotz

Ford Gangster Grin

Treasure Hunt$ Plymouth

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arttt said...

i manage to get those models.thank God!

Anonymous said...

How can I gee those????? :(

Eugene T. said...

i managed to get my plymouth super, but out of more than 15 cases..there were only 3 thunts and 1 super.

there was more evo x but the mitsubishi is also quite rare.

all in all, i was quite happy because i got the super, evo x and mitsu DC.

arttt said...

lucky for u eugene...still search for the super thunts..:)