Saturday, June 7, 2008

Featured Collector: Chris Ting

I never know Chris Ting collect toy cars until I showed him my blog, before that he is recognized as professional photographer.

He has over 20 cameras in his collections, from antique analog cameras to today high end Nikon cameras. He is appointed as official photographer for all company events held in his local office.

For this post, he had sent me some pictures from his collections, but all the goodies are still deep in his storeroom. If you interested to know Chris further, please find his blog from my link portion. YeoCP//

Year Of Experience: 36 years (In the beginning, played with Matchbox cars from 4 years old. Only recent 2-3 years started collecting Shell Ferrari)
Type of collections: Cars, Trucks, Motor-Cycles and Planes (Brand includes Matchbox, Hotwheels, Tomica, Maitso and others)
Number of collections: Few hundreds, do not have exact figure.
Favourite Collection: Ferrari Series by Shell
Excitement over the collection: Loves sport cars and trucks.

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